I had not slept so much!

Just in case you are wondering why I was absent for so long, I regretfully, have to inform you that I was down with high fever on and off and was under medication and forced to sleep for my body, which I have abused for the past few months, if not years, to recover fully. I assume it is a strong body made of cast iron!

For a while, everyone was suspecting I had dengue. Even the doctor who told me my temperature was at 103C said if the fever refuses to get lost for good; I have to do a blood test for dengue. So before the blood test, which is not something I look forward to, my dear cousin started drowning me with young coconut water, lots of water, whatever anyone else recommends that is useful, including juice from pounded papaya leaves, to hold down the heat! Irk! Bitter, bitter! Thank goodness I only needed to gulp down 3 teaspoons of those bitter concoctions!

I had not slept so much in so short a period during those days I was down with fever! Almost 24 hours a day, almost every day for the past few days! Oh, how my whole body ached from the prolonged horizontal position I kept! It makes me wonder how some healthy people can choose to stay in such a position everyday in front of the television. Don’t their bodies ache? Or maybe their bodies won’t because the hands are feeding the mouth while their eyes are fed by the plasma box which numbs their mind in the illusion world of plasma.
That few days, all my taste buds took a holiday except the “bitter” buds! Everything I ate tasted bitter, even plain water and a plain piece of bread were affected! Like the Chinese saying; “eat the meat of dragons also no taste”. I wonder why they created this phrase in the first place when no one could have possibly tasted the meat of this celestial animal, to start with! Or for that matter, did this animal ever existed on earth before? Hence, for a person who loves food, life was meaningless when I cannot enjoy the taste of food. Yes, that goes for water, too!
Did I tell you that I only saw the doctor after two days of high fever and sleep? The urge to sleep was so powerful that I thought I could just sleep and recover. I had done that before but without any fever or shivers then. It just runs in the family, we play “doctor” on ourselves and when nothing works then only do we consult a doctor.
After all, what does a doctor do? He’ll just stick a thermometer into the mouth, listen to the breathing with his stethoscope, take the heart beat rate and blood pressure measurement, shine the torch into the throat, scribble some notes on the card and then subscribe whatever medication which include one antibiotic course! Then the nurse would insist you could stop the other medication when the fever subsides but must complete the antibiotic course!
I only took the doctor’s medication for 2 days! The moment I took the medication, I perspired and the fever was gone. The fever would come back just on time for the next feed of medication! The whole process of getting well all over again and again was really frustrating! Every time I thought I “recovered”, I got ill again! And of course, I was on that horizontal position for those 2 days! Until I told myself enough is enough! I am going to get well the next morning! I have slept enough! My body has rested enough and is perfectly healthy! I am going to get up and start running! I am going to walk around awake and alert! I am going to get out of the bed, out of the bedroom, out of the house! I am well!!!
And guess what? I kind of recovered the next morning! I woke up with an alert mind, very mild fever and minor feelings of drowsiness! Of course the bitter taste buds lingered for a while. I did not mind though because I was definitely up and going places! I refused to lie on the bed to sleep. If I need to nap, I would dozeoff on a chair to ward off the sickly feeling!
With regards to the antibiotic course, I also stopped it altogether because I believe my body already had enough medication for the natural antibodies to start building their natural defence! Yeah! My sick story ended up with a smiling me again now bouncing back into my blogging interest!
So, did you miss me ah???

Quote of the Day:
Refuse to be ill.
Never tell people you are ill;
never own it to yourself.
Illess is one of those things which
 a man should resist on principle at the onset.

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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