What do you tell a child?

“You know, my mother told me that a daughter must look like the father and the son must resemble the mother. If not, life will not run smooth for the individual! It is true, you know! And I tell that to my daughter all the time!
Look at my son! He definitely has my charm and good looks. Look at my daughter! She is my doubles alright but if you compare their lives, the brother always get what he wants. Everybody loves him. He brings good fortune to everyone near him! He doesn’t have to work hard for anything.
My daughter, on the other hand, has to work hard for whatever she wants. Things do not come easy for her. Hard luck! It is true! Don’t believe, do a survey with your friends and people you know. I am telling you this is no superstition! Trust me!”
Should I trust this lady? I hardly know her and she was already so friendly with us, telling us about herself, her family and her children. Initially, we were amused with her friendly gesture. But towards the end, we found her a pain. Oophs, sorry! She kept on stopping over at our table to chat with us. She did not care if she was interrupting our conversation or not. And we have to stop doing what we were doing to listen to what she had to say.

Where were we? We were at one of the food stalls in Imbi market. And she is one of the owners of one of the stalls.
Lady, I do not agree with you. I do not think you should tell things like that to your daughter. She would embed that superstition in her mind that her life will not be perfect because she does not look like her father. It will create a negative impact in a young heart and mind. She will grow up lacking self confidence because of the belief that she can never gain any achievements or be successful. She will live with the “curse” of believing she is missing some luck in whatever she undertakes. You are injecting lethal poison into her system which may drive her to depression and probably suicidel! How can a mother do that???
I know how it feels because I was a victim before! My mother told me I bring her bad luck since I was a kid because I am born in the year of the rabbit when she is born in the year of the rooster! Do you know she instilled guilt in me? Whenever she lost big in her gambling spree, I get the blame! It was only when I was older that I realized that her losses had nothing to do with me. I realized that she is responsible for her own deeds!
I believe a mother should use positive words to their children. I believe a mother should give words of encouragement to their children. I believe a mother should support her children’s misgivings. I believe a mother should not focus on her children’s short comings. I believe a mother should show selfless love to their children. I believe a mother should give each of her child equal love; without prejudice and discrimination. Of course the same goes to a father!
What do you believe?
Quote of the day:
No woman can call herself free
who does not own and control her body.
No woman can call herself free
until she can choose consciously
whether she will or will not be a mother.

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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