Quick Cut

We spotted this place, QUICKCUT, when we were at Gurney Plaza, Penang and my dear cousin decided to give it a try. Hey, it turned out not too bad. RM15 for a 10 minutes hair cut without frills of wash and blow. No nonsensical conversations with the hair dressers or stylist. This definitely suits our characters since we do not like to gossip or talk for the sake for talking.
We are also people who always hunt for anything “cheap-pretty-good (value for money)”!  Prior knowing this place, we used to hunt for good hair stylist but have been disappointed time after time; having to pay extravagantly for an unsatisfactory hair cut!
Today, I got a hair cut from one of its branches in KL and learnt from the staff there that this Japanese concept, with Hong Kong popular movie star Eric Tsang as one of the owners, have been in Malaysia for almost 7 years already.  Yup, and we only got to know about this place recently. Guess, it’s better late than never, right?
A place with simple design of 4 chairs within a compact space where you can find the mirror, hair vacuum gadget (something I have never experienced before), broom, a place for customer to place their belonging (behind the mirror), comb, scissors and all. The compartment on the floor, under the chair, is where all our cut hair is swept into. Brilliant idea indeed!
Simple, simple and the stylist are professional enough for a decent hair cut. Aiyah, I only requested for a “no need to comb hair” style, how difficult can it be lah? Of course I have to pay first at the machine, sit at the seat available ( 3 for customers only) before being invited to sit at the next available stylist.
Within 10 minutes, I just walk out of the place satisfied for my money worth alright! To me, this is a wonderful discovery. Hope you’ll find it useful.
Or have you already been to one? Wanna share your experience?

2 responses to this post.

  1. Want to get a hair cut again? Get this Great Deal! NOW

  2. Alice, thanks for the Great Deal link! RM10 coupon for RM16 cut is worthy indeed! Expiry date in August 2012 some more! Thank you, thank you!!

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