Great minds discuss ideas

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.
– Eleanor Roosevelt
Oh my goodness, the moment I saw this quote I started asking myself. Huh? What do I normally discuss ah?  Do I discuss people? Do I discuss events? Do I discuss ideas? Oh, I’ll be damned! I need more time to think first!
I notice many employees would normally discuss about their colleagues, their superiors, their staff, their bosses and everyone else in and out of the office. Married people would be discussing about their in laws, their husband and their children. Singles would discuss about their good friends, their parents and their siblings. Those in courtships would discuss about their boyfriend(s) or girlfriend(s).
So, are all these people small minded people lah? If yes, then I think you can strike me out from this category because I do not like to talk about people! I rather talk about my tortoise than about other people’s business! Yes, I am the MYOB type of person. (Mind “Your” Own Business!)
What is so interesting gossiping about other people and about what is going on in their lives? It is their life! They are affected by it and only they are in control of it! What do we benefit in putting our nose into people’s affairs? Talking about others to pass time? I say that is a waste of energy and time! Wasting them on issues that are none of our concern; which is none of our business, right?
How about discussing events? What events? About what is going to happen or what has already happened? If what is going to happen then I must have a crystal ball in front of me, right? How to talk about what could happen when we can only anticipate and not know for sure what is going to happen? Isn’t that another good for nothing thing to do, talking about hypothesis only?
Then? We should talk about what had happened? What had happened had already happened, what is there to talk about anymore? We cannot change anything by talking about it.
Aye, like that ah? What else to talk lah? Talk about people cannot; worried being called a small minded person. Now talk about events also cannot?
Talk about ideas? What ideas? Where got so many ideas to talk about? Isn’t it the same as empty talks? Ideas are possible predictions or possible future things that could happen only? Many of them are trials and errors. Maybe it is true that only great minded people will have ideas to talk because they are the people who can and have made progress, created or innovated the world we are in today. But how many of us, ordinary people, have ideas to talk about everyday lah!
So, at the end of the day, is it really that important to impress someone that we have a great mind?
I say: just speak what is in your mind! Don’t worry if people call you small mind, average mind or great mind. I really wonder why Eleanor Roosevelt made this quote: Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.
At one glance, this quote is really powerful, but in real life, how can we judge one person from the things that they talk about. Sometimes, the “smallest” minded person we meet may be the wisest person we’ll know; great mind or not!
Do you agree?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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