Personality Struggle

My agent called me this morning to tell me that my insurance lapsed. Huh? How come?
She said I should have paid it two weeks ago. Huh? Nobody told me?
She said she has to resubmit a new application for me now. Huh? So troublesome ah; then I am not interested anymore.
Now, why did I say that?
I vividly remember asking if any reminders will be sent to me so that I would be paying it on time.  She said,” Don’t worry! The insurance company will send you reminders one. And I will personally call you to remind you when the due date comes!”
There! Got you! And what happened? She called me this morning to tell me it lapsed and I have to resubmit fresh application!
That is the reason why I have said it before, or did I? Anyway, I say it now; never, never trust and depend on someone else for things that you need to do it yourself! Now who is at the disadvantage? Me? If I do not resubmit a fresh application? Or she? Losing her commission if she does not try to reason it out with the insurance company that she has oversight?
Do I want to make her life miserable or do I not? Or should I be kind and sign some forms for her? What have I got to lose? Do I have anything to lose in the first place? Yah, yah, some insurance coverage for hospital and surgical! Aye, what are the chances of me needing them, right? No? I should not take the chance? Okay, let me just think about it.
But she has to take up some responsibilities also, right? She has convincingly told me that she would personally remind me when the due date comes! But she is only telling me when it is overdue! So? Should a lesson be given to her to learn not to make promises that she cannot keep?
Now, now, am I too petty? Such a small issue, making such a big fuss!
Aiyah, you don’t know meh? The older we get the more calculative we’ll get. Is it due to age? Or is it due to principles? Or is it due to stubbornness? Or is it all about “face”? Face? What face? Simple things like that also can affect one’s ego meh? Haiyoh, this is really getting out of hands!
What??? “Merajuk” (throwing tantrum) a little also cannot! She is in the wrong mah!
Look! Who’s insurance is it?
Who is affected?
So? Stop being a cry-baby because your agent forgot to call you to remind you, okay! Just sign the forms, write out a cheque and get on with your life! There are more important and better things out there that need your attention or for you to do than this minor irrelevant issue about who’s right and who’s wrong! Okay?
Phew! What a personality struggle within the one great mind!  Now I understand how some people can end up having split personalities!  They start talking to themselves like what I have just done!  Hey, don’t worry, I am still normal lah.  Hehe…
You have such problem too?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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