The best things in life come free!

A friend wrote in her Facebook today:
How much does it cost you to “Smile” and
How much does it cost you to say “Thank You”.
And I wisely commented:
The best things in life come free!
Isn’t it true? The very first thing that comes free which is the most important in our living is AIR! Of course, water could be free if not for the need to have it purified and filtered and whatsoever so that we could drink it without fear of contamination or poison.
And a smile is definitely free too. It is just a matter if a person is willing to give it to another. What is so difficult in giving someone a free smile? Sometimes, I have that problem too. I could not understand why I just couldn’t flash my teeth to some friendly strangers. Could it be I am too sensitive about my crooked teeth? Or is it just my mood? Or is it I do not have the habit?
But then, does flashing my teeth mean I am smiling? If you have mingled the social crowd long enough, maybe you too can flash your teeth in auto mode. Hahaha! Yes, flashing your teeth then is just a matter of muscle reflexes!
How do we identify if someone is truly smiling at you? I say, look into the eyes too. If they are smiling too, then the smile is genuine. Aiyah, if you cannot see the eyes for whatever reasons, use your instinct lah! Even that also you don’t have sorry lah! You will never know how to recognize a person of character from a person of pretense.
What else comes free? Love and friendship lor! True or not?
And what my friend said; the word “Thank you” It is not that difficult to say that word, right? In fact, some people said it so easily that people find that word irritating. Do you know the Chinese saying: Thank You can use a person to death? Yup! Some people say thank you first for every little favour they expect you to do that the word is no longer meaningful.
Or is it the word “Please” that can use a person to death? Now this is one word I do not hear often from most adults. Sad to say many children are not taught to use this word more often too. Why would some people find this word despicable? Why would one find it hard to utter? Why? And this word is free!
The other word which comes free is “Sorry”. Aye, it is also a difficult word to many but being misused by some. Those who have many wrong doings, seek for forgiveness but later to repeat their sins, will use this word frequently.
I too find confusion in seeking true value in these words sometimes. When I am not sure if someone really means what he or she says, I will add weight of his or her character with the word. I do not wish to be a victim of crocodile tears, you know?
But if one is very particular in insisting someone else to use them, one may be disappointed when these words are being said insincerely. I say it is better not to force them out from an unwilling party. It is better to forgive and forget.
After all, it is not the end of the world if someone does not say “please”, “thank you” or “sorry” to us, yes? It is also not unusual that someone does not smile to us too, yah? It is common to love someone and not receiving love in return, right or not? And we could sacrifice much more in our friendship for someone than the person to you, correct or not?
My final words:
Do not what you do not want others do to you. Be the first one to extend a helping hand, say those words or smile; and the world will smile back to you… better if all are done without expecting any returns.
Do you agree?
Psst…”I Love You” is a wonderful gift to another person, and it comes free. 
Hugs and kisses too!  Hmmm…


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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