I am happy to be a Nuffnanger!

Happiness is having lunch
and your phone buzz
with good news from someone

Yes! I have won 2 invites
to the movie “Inception”
to view it one day before its release in Malaysia
Sheer bliss, unspoken thrill

Simple win like this can bring
Laughter and tears all come at once

Not diamond, not gold
Not anything that money can’t buy
Just two movie tickets anyone can get hold

Yet, how happy I feel
to know of my win
from a simple entry
of “My Mind is Scene of Crime
My 3rd entry in the Nuffnang’s contest

And I say thank you
to Nuffnang for this wonderful prize
and for organising these contests
and many other activities
one after another
for your Nuffnang members

We blog, we learn
If lucky some will earn
if not, these wins are consolations to many

We blog, we play
If lucky, some Nuffnangers will click
if not, we will still stay connected one way or

Three cheers to all other winners
Three cheers to all entries
Three cheers to Nuffnang
for more contests to come
some time in the future!

I am happy to be a Nuffnanger!


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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