Born and match?

Another case of discrimination! Another case of believing the matching of stars and animal signs!
He was born into a wealthy family 40 over years ago. The day he came into the world, his father’s business started to face challenges after challenges so much so that the elderly of the family consulted a medium. The medium did some calculation and told them that the newborn baby’s birth date and star clashed with his own father’s! This baby would cause the fall of his father’s empire!
The old people believed the medium’s words and took a “wise solution” by sending away the baby! The baby was left to live with his grandmother. From that day, he did not feel parents’ love, family warmth and siblings’ company! The closest relation to him was his grandmother and his grandmother only.
Such a sad sharing from a new friend! How did we start the above family story sharing? Aye, due to our own superstition lah! You see, we get along so well with this new friend that we casually asked him which animal year he was born. When he said rooster, we were surprised because we are rabbits.
According to all books written about matching of animal signs of the Chinese birth dates, rabbits and roosters are foe! Serious ah? Remember I was slapped the knowledge by my own mother?
Anyway, when this new friend heard our theory, he said it was rubbish! His business partner for over 10 years is also born in the year of Rabbit and they have been complimenting each other perfectly over the years. That triggered him to share his life painful experience resulted from this animal year and star matching belief. For the same reason, he is no believer to such crap!
I have also stopped believing in such non scientific prediction of mere matching stars and animal year! I have also personally found that people born in the year of rooster can be a rabbit’s best friend! And that people born in the year of dog, pig and sheep may not be the best of pals with the rabbits!
So, what year are you born lah? Any sharing?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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