Funny People

People are funny. Some people knowing that I blog, would suggest everything under the sky for me to write in my blog. Remember the Chinese Restaurant in One Bangsar?
Where else some people would give me warnings and threats that I should not write what they have said or done in my blog! Especially their “lut-lut” moments. Hehe. Why lah cannot write? Make people happy mah. It is always good to make people laugh, right?
Okay, okay, got your message loud and clear!
That is what makes the world so beautiful. It is filled with vast varieties of character and personality! While I am appreciating this fact now, I have also asked before why everyone else is not like me; think, talk and behave like me? Then someone told me a wise Chinese saying: If everyone is like me, everyone will be me!
Aye, true also. Come to think of it, why should everyone be like me? Look at my teeth and you would already say “NO” looking like me, ya? Hahaha!

The other day, a blogger posted in my Blog Catalog’s Shoutbox, “psst LionGirl, why show only teeth lah? :D”
I shouted my reply: You are not the only one to complain. Hehe. But it’s the only asset I have to show off!
She shouted back, “hehehe.. but it’s a good way for ice-breaking here. a trademark what. are u in kl ar? you don’t want ur boss to find out ur blog leh.. :p”
I shouted in return: Yup, don wan anyone to find out who I am lah!
It is true that she is not the first person to comment about my teeth. It is also true that it is a trademark. Show me another person with the same design of teeth! Hahaha! Bet you cannot find anyone else! There! My teeth ARE my trademark! No need registration with any authorities!
See, less one eye sore of everyone looking like me, with the fact that I should not wish for everyone to be like me, right? Also, imagine my deficiency of right the left. I can never imagine a person with the same defect sitting in the car with me giving me directions! OMG, we may just end up in the land of never! LOL!
Since I do not look forward to anyone looking or behaving like me, I better not make that wish ever! Let’s just accept everyone as they are and be happy with that. I know that there are times when you meet some weird or despising characters and wish them different. Too bad, we can only live with or live without them. So, pick a choice.
To live with them means to accept and bear with their behaviour. To live without them simply means leave them alone and get on with our life!
There is one pain in the ‘you know where’ in Star Online Citizen’s Blog stirring unnecessary commotion with his crank posts. While many chose to ignore this cartoon, one chose to “hentam” him “kau-kau”. (Give him back hard!)
Whichever one does, it is a choice and decision made by the individual. As long as an individual is happy with such choice, it shall be given the respect.
So, have you ever wish someone to be like you?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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