If you don’t call that “lan-tou”, what is???

Can you beat it? My friend who is now my client took the opportunity, when taking her accounting records over, to request for a mah-jong session! Aiyoh, so “lan-tou” (itchy to gamble)!

My dear cousin and I played host, she came over for lunch to adjourn for a game. Of course, dear cousin did all the cooking while our guest and I did most of the eating. It is common that the one who cooks has no appetite to eat. So, while she starved from food, we were stuffed with food! Burp!
Lunch was spaghetti prawns followed with custard pudding for dessert! By the time we finished our desserts, it was about 1pm. Our friend needed to go off at 3pm, so we suggested calling off the game.
“No, no, it’s okay! I hardly have a chance to play. Must play, even it is only for one hour. Come let’s start. Where is your table and mah-jong set?”
Hahaha! If you don’t call that “lan-tou”, what is??? Hahaha!
Just when the game got started, the air conditioners guys arrived. Oh, forgotten they were coming to service the air conditioners. Someone had to be watching them. We need three people to play the game.  When one has gone watching the guys, two had to sit and wait for the next half an hour.
Ah, friend cum client, you must try the walnut chocolate cake baked specially for you. Let’s stop the game half an hour earlier. Like a good little obedient girl, our guest agreed to stop earlier for tea time; cake and coffee.  Another half an hour less for the game!
Let’s do a simple calculation of time: Intended play time (3pm-1pm) = 2 hours – ½ hour air conditioner guys = 1 ½ hrs – ½ hr for cake and coffee = 1 hour. Ta-da, the net play time was only 1 hour!  She said it (even 1 hour also must play!), she got it! 
I must admit that was the shortest mah-jong session I had ever played! Hahaha!
Like the Chinese saying goes: It does not matter if we have it for a long time as long as we have had it before. This phrase is normally used to describe brief relationships; now seems useful to describe our short mah-jong session. Eh, I need to console my friend who had travelled all the way from Damasara Utama to my place for a game lah!
It happens; just as we are enjoying life or our time spent with somebody, it would be time to say good bye.  Or just when we are getting to know a person better or when a friendship blooms or a twist for better relationship with a loved one, that person must leave us.  Sigh.
Happy times pass quicker than we wish for, you agree? 


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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