Is that a toy?

Look at that! Is that a toy? How does a kid play with it? Or is it an adult toy? Huh? I also don’t know how to enjoy it! A bleeding leg wor, how to have fun with it?
You know, I do not have many toys when I was a kid. My first and only toy was a stuffed doll, which I gave away for charity when I was older. How I wish I have taken a picture with it. Now, I can only see and feel it in my memories. Sob, sob, I miss you doll!
When I was older, I used to buy paper cut dolls which came with a few pieces of dresses. My girlfriends would draw and design new dresses for their dolls. Me? Sorry lah, they look better in the original packed along closet.
Did I mention I bought my paper dolls with my pocket money? But it is the only “toy” I need to buy. The rest were free. The stones were free to be used for 5 stones or 7 stones game. Or should I also say the rest were gifts or presents. The monopoly, the master mind, the Chinese chess set, the international chess set, snakes and ladders and, what did I miss? That bleeding leg toy was definitely not missed out from my list.
And this thing is being sold in a toy shop? Who is going to buy it? Do kids today buy such toys? Or should I say will any parents buy such a thing for their kid to play with? Will any parents with a right mind buy such thing for their kids to play with? And if nobody is going to buy it, why is it being designed and made in the first place, right?
Puzzled, puzzled!
Wait! Wait! Maybe someone would buy this for a prank. Bravo! I think I finally know why this leg is for sale! Just like those plastic snakes and spiders for sale. Personally, I wouldn’t waste my money to buy such things for prank but some people would. But how many times can you use the same thing to play prank on people? Wouldn’t one get bored?
What would happen to the thing when one gets bored with it? Pass on to the next generation?  Give it away? Sell it? Trade it for something else? It is most likely to be thrown away!
So, let’s track back: One spends money to buy the thing to play a prank on one or some people for some cheap thrill to later throw it away! (All in one breathe, phew!)
Results of the purchase: A scared or panic face, fun and laughter for oneself and some “on looker” friends. Wow, that is really some value for money.
Guess it is right for the thing to be sold in a toy shop. It is just the right thing to sell to someone who has an IQ of a kid!
So, would you buy something like that? For yourself or a child?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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