One night in Ipoh: Bungalow

Some smart people have converted their bungalow house into a convenient motel which salesmen would patronize, for cheaper than hotel rate place, to sleep for a night. This bungalow motel is pretty new so not many people know about this place. The moment the rental for the night is paid, the owner would give a set of keys which include remote control for the auto gate so that we can drive in the car to park.

There are four single rooms with one common bathroom toilet downstairs, two double rooms and a foursome room with bathroom attached upstairs. There is a TV downstairs in the sitting room, with Astro channels, a fridge and a common meeting table near the fridge. I should say this place gives the basic facilities including room cleaning (by the Indonesia maid, of course).
My dear cousin and I could have gone back to stay at our eldest cousin’s house if not for another 2 friends who came to Ipoh with us. Four of us took the biggest room with 2 Queen Beds in this bungalow. The moment I stepped into the room, I could smell minyak angin (ointment). But after a while it was gone, so I thought it could be the maid using it and the smell lingered after she finished cleaning and tidying the room.
Ipoh trip means Food! There is so much to eat and so much to eat! Oh, what a paradise of sar hor fun, white coffee, dim sum, dried curry, chee cheong fun, soya bean, heong pan, kaya puff and the list goes on and on.
After a day’s eating spree, we went back to the bungalow to rest and refresh. Everyone went down to watch TV after they cleaned up and changed. I was the last person in the room because I was the last person to use the bathroom. Just at the entrance of the bathroom there was a towel floor mat for us to wipe our feet after our bath.
The sink is fixed outside the bathroom and it has a mirror on the wall above the sink. Being a woman, I needed to slap on some toner and moisturiser on my face after each face wash. While I was looking into the mirror and doing my beauty routine, I saw (from the corner of my eye) the towel floor mat slided away from the bathroom entrance . I quickly turned to look at it. I stared hard at it in case it moves again. It did not.
I opened the bathroom door to check if the windows were opened. Nope, it was shut tight! I checked the room’s windows to find them tightly shut too. Who would be dumb enough to leave them open when the air conditioner is switched on anyway? I looked at the floor mat again. Yes, it was not position in front of the bathroom door anymore! My eyes did not play tricks on me! Just when I was still figuring how that floor mat moved, the room door opened!
“Hey, what are you doing? Until now also still not ready ke?”

Phew!  It was only one of my friends coming to look for me.  For a moment I thought it was, err you know…  Now, should I tell, should I not tell?

“You are not feeling well? I thought you don’t like minyak angin. You applied a lot ke? So strong lah the smell.”
Huh? Smell minyak angin? I did not apply any minyak angin. Sniff, sniff. Hey, how come I cannot smell minyak angin now?   “Come let’s get out of here. We go downstairs first?”
Should I tell? Should I not tell? Better not tell since we still have to sleep here tonight. I decided not to tell. That night we did manage to sleep well. Nobody complained or mentioned about anything except they were not pleased with me applying minyak angin.
Friends, I did not apply any minyak angin, okay? In fact, I also smell minyak angin in the room the whole night. But I was dead tired from eating throughout the day (all oxygen had gone to the stomach) to let it bother my sleep.
After we left the place the next morning, we met up with the friend who rented this place for us.
“Wah, the owner so rich; staying in one bungalow and renting out another.”
“Oh, it used to be her mother in law’s house. When the old lady passed away, they renovated the place and made it into a motel. How can they occupy 2 bungalows at one time? So, they came out with this brilliant idea to convert the place to generate income.”
“Er, when did the mother in law passed away?”
“Just a few months back, I think.”
“She was sick before she passed away?”
“I heard she was bed ridden. The maid took care of her. The maid always complains about having to smell her minyak angin the whole day because the old lady insisted her to apply it on her to ease her aches.”
Huh?  Minyak angin!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

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  1. I travel a lot and have stayed in 5-star hotels, bungalows, guest house, YMCA, cheap F-Houses and even outside mosques and church compounds in my car.On one trip to J.B., arrived around 2a.m and tried to check in but no vacant room. I was dead tired and pleaded with the receptionist guy to check and see any room already booked but not check in. He noticed my desperation and flipped through the register and uttered: "ada satu bilik kosong…tapi….".I did not wait for him to finish and asked : " ada hantu ka?". He was shocked and asked me how I knew the room was haunted., I replied never mind, just give me the room.That night I just cannot forget. The she-hantu was trying to pull me out from the bed the whole night. I kept telling her to go away and leave me alone but everytime I closed my eyes due to tiredness, she will again try to pull me down. I was semi-conscious then.Couldn't take it anymore, I got out of bed, turned on the TV without the sound and told her to watch TV and don't disturb me cos I have to get up early to work the next day. And believe it or not, the disturbance stopped.My routine ritual everytime I enter a hotel room is to open all the windows with the aircond on, go to the toilet and flush and ask "them" politely not to disturb me. Of course at night I switch on the TV for them.TFL

  2. LG, where is the location of this bungalow? I use to stay in one along the road to Ipoh airport. Nice clean room at RM30/- per night only and big parking place.TFL

  3. TFL, maybe I should share the China hotels experience; one that kept switching to one particular channel when we were watching other channels! Hair raising already!!!Have tried all the ways you suggested too! Do not always work one! Many friends taught us many more tricks! Some work some not. Maybe another post lah!This bungalow's location is nearer to Pasir Pinji….

  4. oh my! was the owner of the house afterall..or maybe not?

  5. BGS, I am pretty sure it was the old lady who'd just passed away! Scary!

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