JB House: White Shadows

I used to be able to peep through my third eye when I was young. But I lost this ability as I grew up. Probably I inherited it from my mother because she always claims she sees and feels the unseen. Just the other day, she said she felt my dear sister sitting beside her at her bed. I consoled her that it must be her imagination only. How can there be some many wanderers on earth?
As I said that I realized that I have had many encounters with the unseen which I could not explain too. If you are prepared to read on (probably a few more sharings to come later), I’ll let you try to explain what and how they happened.
House in Johor Baru: The house had always been peaceful to stay in. The only uninvited guests we had were snakes from the wild. My first encounter with them: I was reading in front of the TV when I felt something black approaching the house. When I turned to see, I saw the snake patiently coiling itself in front of our house, just under the porch lights.
My first reaction? I quickly closed the front door, yelled my head off so that everyone in the house would dash out to my rescue. Aiyah, only the servant and my little sister were in the house then. The servant, an elderly lady in her fifties, quickly went out by the back door to get to the front gate and went to some neighbour’s house for help while I held on tightly to my curious young sister, both staring at the snake to make sure we know where it moved when help arrives. It did not move at all.  Our servant came back with two strong young men.
The rest was not for kids to watch. They beat it to death! And I always feel that I have caused it to die in a cruel way. But I was protecting myself and the family, right? Until today, I still pray for it whenever I think of the incident. There were a few other snake encounters. Maybe I’ll share them with you in another post.
My mum had a good friend who always comes around and takes us out for picnics, fishing and movies over the weekends. He came around so often that our house was like his second home. As time passed by, his visits became less frequent. My mum told us that he was ill and that he would come by when he gets well.
One night when I was home alone and was reading in the sitting room, I thought I saw white shadows. When I turned to look, there was nothing or no one around. I quickly went to check the front and back doors and all windows. All duly closed and locked. I walked back to the sitting room and picked up my book.
Before I could sit down, the door to my room moved and gave out a squeak sound. I quickly throw down my book and walked into my room to check; behind the door, under the bed and inside the cupboard. Nothing. Then I moved my door, it did not make any squeak sound. I moved it again, again no sound.
Hmmm. How did the door move when there was no living thing in the house except me? Lizards and insects would not be able to move it and there were no records of rats running around this neighbourhood. Suddenly I felt goose pimples. I quickly turned on all lights in the house, on the TV and waited until the servant comes home with my sister. No, I did not say anything because I did not want to instil fear unnecessary.
Two days later, my mother came home to break the news that her good friend who always comes around and takes us for outings, had just passed away. He died of cancer on the night I saw white shadows and heard the door squeaked.
Could it be him stopping by to bid farewell to us? And I was the only one home that night to feel his presence? Or did he come by for the last time to ensure that we are fine before he departs from this world? I know what I saw, I know what I heard and I know what I felt. But I cannot explain what it was. What about you?
p/s:  Someone told me later that black shadows are ghost spirits and white shadows are God spirits.  Huh?  We did not have any altar in our JB house.  We only go to temples and pray.  Did our family friend turned God immediately upon his death?  I am very sure I saw white shadows and not black shadows that night.  Puzzled???!


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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