Mother’s Day Celebration!

I took my mum for lunch on Mother’s Day. Yes, she was expecting me to do so. We went to the restaurant of her choice. This shop is famous for duck and yet both of us did not order duck. Instead we ordered roast pork and barbeque pork. My mum had rice while I had wantan noodle. I should say their noodle was good. But the prawn dumpling was disappointing. Two plates of serving came to RM25.
Then we adjourned to a dessert house for ice kacang, Taiwanese style. Thank goodness we ordered only one bowl and shared. For RM6, I would say it was not worth it! There was not even one peanut in the bowl! It was just ice and cheap stuff of red beans, cincau, sweet corn and chendol.
While we sat back to chat after the dessert, I noticed the lady from another table was busy snapping photos of the place. Aye, another blogger or tweeter or FB or flicker fan? Yes, I read somewhere that this is a common sight nowadays. People snapping photos before food, after food, while they are eating or whatsoever! Just for the sake to share their lives with their friends or with anyone who follows their livelihood. Hahaha! Guess I am guilty too!
Eh, how come I did not take pictures this round? Guess I was too engrossed in my mother’s company. Must respect the time spent with her, right? How can I be thinking about my blog when I am supposed to be presence in body, mind and soul in her company? Sounds filial? Self praise, hah!
I joined another dinner for Mother’s Day celebration that night. In a table for 10, there were 3 cameras all exclaiming, “Wait! Cannot eat until we take the picture first!” Snap! Snap! Snap!
Can you beat it? Dinner supposed to start at 7pm but everyone reached only at 7.30pm because of the traffic jam. Where did all those cars come from on a Saturday evening? Then when the dishes finally arrived about 8.10pm, we can only sit around, wait for the camera guys and gal to take pictures before we could dig in our forks and spoons!
But they did not take any picture after we finished. They should have because all the plates were shiny clean! We were extremely hungry, really! Hehe! Good food or not, they were definitely tasty when you are hungry! And when the bill arrived, it was only RM170 for 7 dishes including fish (one fish: meat steamed and bones made into soup), soft shell crab, yam pork ribs and petai prawns. Of course there was rice and Chinese tea free flow. (Maybe I’ll post a review later, okay?)
That was Mother’s Day celebration. Everyone else also took the whole family out for dinner. Fair. Nobody needs to cook, including the mothers! What I saw was only customers in the restaurants were given treats for the day. For those who worked in the restaurants, life was just another day. What is the significance of Mother’s Day to them? To the bosses, it was a good profit day. For the workers, mothers or not, it was just another busy day!
Again, I question if we should give treats to our mother only on this particular day? Should we remember our mother only on this day? Should we say thank you or sorry to our mother only on this date? Does this date really mean something to all mothers?
Instead of commercialising 8th May each year or be trapped to celebrate only this day, I say all children should say thank you and sorry to their mothers whenever the needs arrive. Live the day. Do what is necessary and say what is needed to say when it should be done or said. Do not wait until 8th May. Nobody knows what will happen next day or next minute. Do it before it is too late!
Again, this is my personal view but do you agree with me?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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