Happy Mother’s Day!

I see many wishes to mothers on Mother’s Day. Yes, I agree mothers would be thrilled with those wishes. But do they, really?
I believe one should love their mothers 365/24! Not just on Mother’s Day. And why make it a big issue to send wishes over the radio, taking them to some posh restaurants, buying those presents and flowers only on the day. Why allow this day be a profit making day to those hotels and shops? Is it for real or to show other people you love your mummy only on Mother’s Day? What about other days of the year?
And why only let their mothers take a day off on that day? It does not make sense to me. But it is better than some people who do not even remember to express their appreciation even on that one day, right? Right.
Do I fall in that category of just being the perfect child on Mother’s Day? Let’s be honest, I am never the perfect child to my mum, whether Mother’s Day or not. Three (including my late sister) strong headed and stubborn women don’t just click in snap of the fingers, okay? Just be thankful that we don’t end up arguing what does not concern us.

I can still remember going for lunch at Coliseum for one Mother’s Day celebration and while waiting for our food to be served, she was arguing with my late sister. One said the table cloth is white, the other argued that it was grey and I asked is it important?

If you have the same type of mother-daughter relationship like mine, you will understand what I am talking about. Both my mum and I each have our “perfect” daughter and mother in our mind, respectively. Guess this world is never perfect. Not everyone will get what they want.
My mother always says that Chinese believes that a parent and child relationship in this life is due to debt each other owes from the last life. If there is no vengeance in the last life, the two would not be parent and child to each other this life. Do you believe?
I was brought up in a very conservative family environment; hence we are not people who are good in expressing our emotions and love and we understand human relationship is not always as rosy as it is painted or it should be, not even a mother and child relationship. I know that I only have one mother and without her I will not be here today. I do love her and I do care for her despite our differences. She is also aware of my love for her. Both of us are matured enough to understand our feelings for each other.
Yes, I do take my mum out on Mother’s Day (because she feels happier being taken out on the day) and I take her out on non Mother’s Day too! I do not believe to show care and attention only on one day of a year.
Let me share a beautiful song lyric (my favourite song in my school days) with you by Neil Reid:
Mother Of Mine
Happy Mother’s Day!

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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