Kids n Shopping Bags

This is such a common sight. If you want to see one, you will not be disappointed every time you go to the supermarket. In fact someone wrote to Star Online Citizen’s Blog about an accident her son had while sitting in one.  Later, an article was published about it. What am I talking about? I am talking about parents using the supermarket trolley to push their children around while shopping for their groceries stuff! 

Look at the naughty kid, trying to step on the cabbages.  Maybe he is better being placed in a trolley than left running around the supermarket!  Hahahah!

Those with babies would have no choice but to push the pram around. Hey, I said push the pram around, not necessary with the baby in the pram, okay? And that is exactly what one would not see. Meaning? The baby would end up being carried and the pram being used to load the shopping bags! Huh!

I bet those parents never considered what the weight of the shopping bags with its content would do to the pram. They would distort the contour of the seat which the baby has outlined with its constant usage. I am no expert to give you scientific explanation, but logically I believe I am not wrong, right?
What will happen the next time the baby needs to use the pram again? I say, the baby would not feel comfortable staying in the pram. This would obviously result in the baby’s crying and at the end the parents would need to carry it. And the pram would not be useful for a baby but it would be useful for shopping bags again! Haha!
This habit is common to parents of all races. However, it is interesting to notice that there are some wise parents who use a supermarket trolley as a supermarket trolley and instead of using a pram, use a baby carrier instead. Bravo!

So, you are a wise parent?

p/s:  See my hands shaking when snapping the pictures?  I call it “shake of guilt”!  Haha!  Worry get caught while taking them.  Shhhh….

I must be aware of people “pretending” reading stuff from their Blackberry too.  They may be snapping me in “action” and post them in their blog! 
Aiyah, don’t want lah, I so ugly one!


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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