My table cleaner than yours!

“I noticed you are a very clean person. You practically clean the table after you finished eating. If only we have more customers like you!”
What a compliment! And I am so proud of it! But after today, I guess I still have a lot to learn. At least from this man! I did not believe my eyes when I saw what he did. Immediately, I put down my chopsticks (I was eating my fish paste noodle then) and quickly grab my Blackberry to snap a picture of him in action! Hope nobody catches me in action!  Aiyoh, things that I do for my blog!
Snap! Snap! Zoom-zoom, snap! I got it! And I am going to write all about him. What? What? Look at the pictures. You see, we were eating in a coffee shop and this man while waiting for his fish head noodles served to him; he had reached out a folded piece of paper from his pocket. At the same time he had his tissue all ready on the table. He then unfolded the piece of paper and it turned into a box! A mini box that he used to place the fish bones he spat out while eating his bowl of fish head noodles! I take my hats off for this guy.
The most I have done was to pick up spat bones back into the bowl or plate (of course with the utensils) after I am done with my eating; take out a piece of tissue (which I normally share half with my cousin. We don’t have big mouth to waste a whole piece of good tissue!), wipe my mouth and then use it to clean the dirt or mess on the table. There! I have just cleaned the table. Such simple habit and yet you do not find many people doing it. To me, it is a disgusting sight to see food and drink mess all over the table. 
What about water stains on the table from the glass when you order iced tea or any cold drinks with melting ice? What do you do when you need to lift the glass to drink?  When you find condensed water dripping from the glass bottom.  Me? Yah, the sick me will take a piece of tissue and clean up the wet patch before leaving the tissue as a coaster for the glass. There! Clean and neat!
For your information, there’s plenty of tissue in my bag which I take every time I visit the mamak stall, any Chinese restaurant or economy stalls that give away tissues, sometimes from KFC, Starbucks and the list goes on. I am sure you know what I am getting at, right? They are all free tissues! Hehe! Clever again, huh?

I believe cleanliness is one table manner which should be taught at home and I am proud I have been taught well. While many of my friends find my habit amusing, I believe many people appreciate what I do. Able to dine at a clean table is everyone’s wish. So, why not keep it neat and tidy while you are using it, which would be easier to clean later hence making it pleasant for the next person who is going to use it, right?

So, are you a clean freak like me when you eat out?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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