Tiger Blogfest 2010 – Premier Post

Someone commented: “It is interesting to see you talking about tigers rather than lions, but I guess they are close cousins anyway! But jokes aside, I find this article u write very interesting.”
And thanks to wilycat, who also commented in the same post above, that I am now one of the 100 bloggers participating in this Tiger Blogfest 2010: 19 – 23 April 2010.
Now, I am no animal lover except for my pet tortoise and guppies. Even that, I am not a wonderful pet owner. Not that I would mistreat them but there are days when I would not be feeding them or even say “Hi” to them. Thank goodness, they did not die of hunger or give up on me!
I love dogs and cats too, if they are on TV.  Love them in pictures but please get them to stay away from me! Don’t like them licking me or snuggle against me! Irk! Keep the hairy cuddles to yourself! And I never understood how people can kiss their pet dog or cat. I never kissed my tortoise or my guppies!  Huh?  Kissing my guppies!  Mad, ah!
Why am I now into this “Save the Tiger Campaign”? To me, all living creatures deserve the right to be alive. No, I am not a vegan but that is not the point. The animals that we consume are farm raised. They do not and will not go extinct. Come to think of it, they also deserve the right to live. Let’s discuss this issue another day, okay?
Back to the tigers; these tigers in the wild, being hunted or poached, will extinct! And if we, the human race (some already the destroyer) does not step out now to save these defenceless creatures, they will be wiped out from the face of this planet!
I may not want up close and personal encounters with them but they being in their habitat and we being in ours, we should be able to live happily ever after in our respective homes! The wise Chinese says: The river water would not disturb the water from the well. Yes, simply means we live our ways and we let the tigers live theirs.
Wah! Suddenly I am a hard core animal supporter, huh? Hey, I have always been a background supporter of WWF and MNS, okay? And I can say that I am proud of what I am doing now, to play an active role in “Save Our Tiger, Save Our Heritage!” The louder we call out, the further we reach out! When more saviours scout around, there would be fewer destroyers!
Call the authorities! Call the societies! Call “Help” for these tigers! Another wise Chinese says: To help a life will raise you seven steps closer to heaven. And tigers are also a living creature just like any of us!
After all, this world is too big for us, human beings to live by ourselves. If not for the bees and the butterflies and the dogs and cats (tigers too), life will not be as colourful as it is now! And National Geography would not exist too!
Let’s join hands today!  Let’s save our tigers!  Let’s save our heritage! 
Malaysia Boleh!
The tiger is our national animal.
Our heritage.
But today only less than 500 of them remain in the wild.
As Malaysians, we need to stand up and protect our heritage. 
Speak to your children.
Speak to your leaders.
Everyone of us can make a difference.
For further information,
please visit
WWF Malaysia (http://www.wwf.org.my/)  
Department of Wildlife & National Parks (http://www.wildlife.gov.my/)

Tiger Blogfest 2010 – Finale Post on 23 April 2010


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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