PAI, Thailand – part 3 (the Sunrise)

The receptionist told us last night that if we want to catch the sunrise we must be out from our hut by 6.30am Thai time.  No problem, that would be 7.30am M’sian time. 
Oh, the smell of cool fresh air, the sound of birds chirping and the pleasant view of the hills.  Feel like paradise and the sudden urge to sing:
“The hills are alive, with the sound of music!”
And the sun is coming up from one of it?  Okay, we shall wait.
Yeah!  The sun is finally up!  A new day!  A new beginning!  And new hope! 
Wait, what’s that sound?  Oh, my stomach growling now. 
Yes, breakfast time! (included in the 1,800 Baht paid)
It is almost 7.30am their time (8.30am our time), no wonder I am hungry.
All packed and checked out after breakfast
(look out for my sharing on Thai food!). 
Packed into the MPV again to the next destination.
Hey, we almost stay in this place last night! 
The “pink” house because everything is pink here! 
Thank goodness, we did not. 
Can you imagine me in pink slippers?
The end of Pai!  Bye!
Quote of the day:
Someone may have stolen your dream
when it was young and fresh
and you were innocent.
Anger is natural.
Grief is appropriate.
Healing is mandatory.
Restoration is possible.
– Jane Rubietta

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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