Fortune Teller(3) – April 13th

I tossed and turned on my bed trying to sleep. Felt thirsty, I reached out for my cup of water on my bedside table. Took a sip and tugged back into my blanket. My mind was just too active. It must be the last cup of coffee I had about 11 pm just now.
Is it really the coffee? What could it be? Ah, could it be now is April, 13th? The last time I looked at the clock, it was 1.30am. Remember the monk fortune teller?  No, no, I should not be so superstitious. Why am I reminding myself of the date? But, it is always better to be careful when someone tells you a premonition, right? Better safe than sorry?
Still, I must sleep because tomorrow is going to be another busy day. There are deadline jobs to be completed. After a few hours in front of the TV and my laptop, I finally slept at 4am.
Morning came, another new day? Oh no, it is still April, 13th. Better decide now how I want to spend the day, safe! Okay, I shall not venture out of the house today to minimise exposing myself to unknown risk factors. Yes, let’s just do that.
And the day went on well indeed. I did not choke on my food or drinks. I did not trip and fall. I did not get any bad news from anyone. In fact, a client called to inform me that she has banked in a cheque for me. Then a new client called to confirm he would fax the signed quotation to my office. Hey, today is a good day! Or did I manage to ward off bad omens by staying indoor?
Maybe, right? There are two sides of the coin. It is either I escaped whatever should befall me or there was actually no bad ordeals awaiting me. So, am I superstitious after all? I guess I was. I must say that I have paid a small price for being superstitious today because I have only forgone going out of the house. But should I be superstitious? I should say no and I must admit I am ashamed of myself for believing in the warning.
Guess I am just human. There is still so much to learn in life and consulting a fortune teller is definitely not how it should be! If a man can see another man’s future, that man should be able to see his own future too. And if he can do that, he should be able to enhance his own fortune, right?
I remember someone made the same comment when he was being approached by a China Chinese man who asked him if he wants to have his fortune read for RM50. When the man said that was too expansive, the fortune guy was willing to reduce it to RM30. That counter offer created doubts in his credibility and that was how this comment was voiced out.
There! April, 13th has passed by peacefully. Just for your information.
Quote of the day:
The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires.
– William A. Ward

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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