PAI, Thailand – part 2 (the Night Market)

First thing to do is to check in.
We managed to negotiate room rate to 1,800 Baht because we took 4 rooms.
(peak season rate is 3,500 Baht).
Wow! Nice room. Er, the bed is facing the door.
Chinese pantang: Only dead bodies’ legs face direct to the door!
Aiyah, never mind lah, for one night only, shouldn’t be a problem! 
Overhead lights, interesting concept, huh?
But directly over the bed wor.
Chinese pantang: Lights over bed means no good night sleep!
But I’ll be on the floor where the extra bed is. Hehe!
Oh my, look at the toilet!
Hey, those hanging beads will not be able to shed off the shower view, right?
What if Peeping Tom comes around?
It’s okay, if he ever comes around, he’ll be disappointed!
No beauties in the shower!
After refreshing ourselves,
we went for dinner and had Thai style kuey teow soup
(one of the best tasted in this trip),
before hitting to the night market.
The orange Volkswagen caught our eyes.
Yes, must have coffee!
Don’t care if can’t fall asleep later!
Oh, I love sotong!
Yes, yes, must buy!
Mango sticky rice?
Looks yummy too.
Huh? Fried sticky rice?
Never had it before.
Must try!
Hey, taste good! One more please!

What’s he doing?
Looks like meat balls.
Cannot just stand and watch him in action, right?
Let’s buy and try.
Sorry, don’t like the taste.
Too soft for meat balls, if it is.
No translator to tell us what we have just eaten….burp!
Okay, after all the heaty stuff, a cup of herbal tea is good.
There are plenty of Muslim stalls here. Most of the Muslims here are from China.
This stall is only one of them and the girl who is manning the stall wears a tudung, like our Malaysian Muslims.
I had my tea served in a bamboo “cup”. 
Yes, the ones you can see hanging at the stall.
Of course more expansive and tastier than the plastic cup ones.
I can take away the bamboo cup? What am I going to do with it?
If not, they are going to recycle the bamboo cup? 
Hah? This one may be already a recycled one?
Aisey, I should have taken the plastic cup, right?
You can also find many “farang” (Thai word for foreigners or more accurately Europeans) here. 
Many of them, like us, are shopping in this night market while some are hanging in some cafes, restaurants and pubs. 
I wonder if they are also owners to those places. 
It would be good to retire here if one can own a business here. 
The locals love the farangs. 
You can even find farangs entertaining you with their singing and guitar strumming in the pubs. 
I can feel their joy in their singing. 
Probably this is the place and lifestyle they are looking for… 
Full to the brink and tired after the day’s travel;
from home to airport, flight, from airport to Pai and the night market!
Phew! Yes, the bed would be most inviting.
Quick, which way is my room?
Yawn, look out for part 3.  ZZzzzz………
Quote of the day:
Happiness is a butterfly,
which, when pursued,
is always just beyond your grasp,
but which, if you will sit down quietly,
may alight upon you.
– Nathaniel Hawthorne 

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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