You got any pets?

Come to think of it, how is it that I have never written something about my tortoise pet before. Everyone who visits me would want to see or feed my tortoise. I remember my good friend from Ipoh speaking English to my tortoise. Hahaha! And what did my tortoise do? It crawled away!
“Eh, your tortoise doesn’t understand English? How can it be so rude and just walk away when I am talking to it?”
You mad woman, calling my tortoise rude when I should be asking if you are thinking straight. What makes you think that the tortoise understands our language in the first place? And yes, its mother tongue is Cantonese and I think the only word it understands is “mum-mum” which is baby’s word for “food”. Why I say that? Because, every time I feed it I would say “mum-mum” and it would immediately open its mouth and take a bite!
Other than that, another word it should understand is “kuay chye” which means “tortoise” because that’s the word I’ll call it. My fault, I never had a name for it so my tortoise’s name is “tortoise” in Cantonese.
“Unbelievable! You are just unbelievable! How can you call your tortoise by its generic name?”
What? So, I should call it George or Obama or Clinton? Wait till I call it by your name! I never approved people to call their pet with a human name. Like my buddy’s dog is called “Fei Fei” and she also nicknamed me “Fei Fei”. The last time I was at her house, her dog and I ended up responding to her when she called out for “Fei Fei”! Damn! When did I become her pet?
Now coming back to my pets, I have a tortoise and an ever growing and dying population of guppies. Talking about my guppies, there is no way I can name them, okay? How to, when they keep on making babies and then they are here today and gone tomorrow hidden under the water plants? And they all look alike, somehow, to me.
Just the other time when I changed their home, many of them committed suicide by jumping out from their new home. Then I read in my FB that my friend’s daughter had a burial ceremony for her dead fish. And I commented that I put my dead guppies into my potted plants as fertiliser. No ceremony whatsoever. And after a few days, their bodies would look like dried anchovies. Someone found me disgusting. Huh? For recycling my guppies back to nature?
Today, someone wrote about “Do Dogs Feel Love?” in Star Online Citizen’s Blog. Since I can’t comment about dogs because I never had a dog for a pet, I shared my tortoise experience with the blogger.  
Hope he finds it useful. You got any pets?
Quote of the day:
“Try to learn something about everything
and everything about something.”
– Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895)

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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