Clash of the Titans: 3D for you?

Whenever Astro Beyond advertisement is aired, it would catch my attention because of its creativity and beautiful effects. The message about high density TV is clearly conveyed by Astro. Just when I was fascinated by HD TV, Sony announced that they will launch 3D TV in Malaysia by mid April.
I haven’t even got the chance to decide if I wanted to invest in a HD TV, my attention is now drawn to 3D TVs. Aye, true to say I can never catch up with technology. By the time I know of one, the price would be too expansive. By the time I wait for the price to go down, something new is being launched. But this time is really ridiculous. Before I get to know one product, another newly innovated product is launched. I do not even need to wait for the price to go down!
Curiosity really kills a cat. This time I’ll be the cat, all curious about 3D since I understand what HD is all about. Hey, the cartoon movie “How to Train Your Dragon” is 3D, should I see it in the Cineplex? Yes, pay and watch. Wait, another movie in 3D is coming soon; “Clash of the Titans”. This should be a better choice since there would be more special and sound effects. This movie should give me more value for money. I have to pay to get into the cinema for a 3D show, okay?
Believe it! I actually went to the Cineplex today for the show. Ticket: RM18 per person. So expansive! Oh, never mind, for the sake of a new experience. Let’s get popcorn to go with the show; RM5.50 for small, RM6.60 for large. To pay RM1.10 for so much more is a better deal, right? Oh, they are distributing the 3D glasses at the entrance. Cool looking glasses. Urgh, got to wipe the glasses; finger prints and dirt smears all over it. Hey, the show is on, better wear the glasses! Wow, nice, so colourful and clear and really 3D. Okay, maybe RM18 is worthy after all.
But wearing the glasses for almost 2 hours was no fun. I must really salute those who have to wear the 3D glasses over their own glasses. Must be tiring, huh? As for me, I kept on pushing the glasses to focus to get the effect. About the show; I find the story line simple but its special effects were impressive though. However, with the 3D glasses on, the fight scenes were confusing. I can honestly say I could not make out who is who, what is what and how the whole fight ended how it ended! Guess those tussles must have my eyes crossed all over because at the end of the show, I had a mild headache, or could it be the glasses?
The headache is not the only other price I have to pay for this show. After the show, it was dinner time. Dinner at the Food Court cost me RM10.00 and parking when I exit the mall cost me RM10.50. My, oh my, the whole 3D experience had me forked out almost RM50! That is almost what I pay for my monthly Astro service! All for the sake of wanting to know what 3D movies would be like!
I say 3D is definitely going to be the “in” thing! I would like to watch my TV programs and movies in 3D in future. No, I would not want to invest my money into a 3D TV yet. Let its technology improve further. No hurry, I can wait for it. After all, there is nothing wrong in watching them in 2D as how we always have been, yes?
For your information, if I had read the review before I go for the show, I just may not end up spending RM50 for an experience. Well, things happen for a reason. And I say I am glad I have this experience.
So, you seen the movie yet? 2D or 3D?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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