7 wonders of the world

While talking about travelling with a good friend of ours, who is much younger than us but who has travelled more places than us, we found that she too has the wish to visit the 7 wonders of the world. But as we discussed our list, we found that her list and our list were different!
Now, am I ignorant, uneducated or what? Shame on me! Later, I discovered that there are different lists of the 7 wonders of the world. We need to talk the same language before we can match the places. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonders_of_the_World  Anyway, we finally listed out some places we want to go from now to our retirement to the end of our days. Wow, such an ambitious wish and a mixed up 7 wonders list too! But no harm having high hopes and big dreams, right?
Then we realised from our list, my cousin and I have gone to 2 of the places; The Great Wall of China and Angkor Wat and this young lady beats us with two more; Taj Mahal and the Silk Road. We are now planning for a trip to Borobudur, Yogyakarta http://www.jogjakartatour.com/index.htm  and another trip to Canada for the aurora watch! http://www.spectacularnwt.com/whattodo/aurora/aurorawatch  Am crossing my fingers now and hope that these plans will take off!
This meeting up really boost up my life again. Just making plans and thinking about it makes me look forward in living! Ha-ha! You can’t blame me because life has been so mundane lately with just work, work and work! Of course I am not complaining about working but taking time to think out of work and looking forward to enjoy life itself is joy! I can even get ecstatic imagine myself already doing it! Yeah!
See what looking forward can do to our mind, affecting our soul and our body. What am I talking about? I am talking about our thoughts! Before the arrival of our young friend, I was hoping she would call to say she could not make it because I was too tired to entertain a guest. I thought I wanted to just lie down and relax. I thought I wanted to rest my brains a little after a long day work. I thought it was better if I need not meet anyone. But it ended up wonderful! We had a great time catching up and sharing and enjoying each other’s company. We should do that more often, yes?
She brought back lights in my life. She brought back hope in friendship. She brought back hope in human relationship. She makes me look forward to travel with friends again. See, nothing is permanent. We do not stop living. We do not stand still because of one bad experience in life. We do not fix a decision because of some bad apples. We ourselves do not be sour grapes and distance ourselves from new and existing friendship preventing it from blossoming in fear that one day the friendship would face some challenges and the wonderful, beautiful friendship would just fade and die. Live the day! Yes, live the day!
I feel, after today, there is still hope in everything. Not that I do not believe in it before but I have started doubting it after my recent experience with some long time buddies. Like what my cousin says it is because we value and treasure the friendship so much that we are hurt deeply by all the actions and events. We cannot just pretend nothing happens and resume to where and how we were before. There is already a cut in our hearts which would take a bit of time to heal and after it finally recovers; we believe there will still be a scar in the tender hearts.
But nothing lasts forever anyway, so, why should I be so worry about some fading friendships and why should I worry about blossoming some new and existing friendships. After all, we cannot live alone in this world. We need friends, especially single people like me who have no spouse or children.
I believe I am only human to behave and react the way I have but that does not mean I do not walk my talk. I will bounce back to the old me again. I only need time to acknowledge my feelings. So, let me be. Let me recover first. You’ll see, for I will be back! Hahaha! Just like what the Terminator would say!
I will be back!



Have a Happy Day! ;D

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