Red for you?

I never have any luck in tailor made clothes; whether sewing it on my own (as if I can!) or paying someone to do it.
I used to think that sewing was a piece of cake. You know, just step on the machine, hold on to the piece of cloth and let it move ahead under the needle and threat gadget. Should not be difficult!
My first taste of handicraft before really stepping on a machine was when I had to do some cross stitching on a piece of netted cloth. Yep, marks were given for using colourful thick threat to stitch different designs and I am proud to say that I managed to pass this one.
Later, I had two sewing assignments in my secondary days; one apron and one blouse. The apron was okay, was able to use it for awhile but the blouse was a throw-away quality the moment it was completed. It just did not look right or feel right to wear it! Still, I managed to get enough marks to pass it too. Amazing!
I was signed into a sewing class by my mum to kill time while waiting for my form five results. It was really serious stuff. The first lesson itself we were asked to buy many gadgets so that we could learn how to draw plan, cut before we are taught how to sew. Of course, we have to buy from the “school” itself! 

And my mum was so excited about me learning how to sew that she bought me a sewing machine as encouragement. Can you beat it! She must be hoping I be a budding tailor star! Sorry mum for not even completing the course. I must have crashed your dream, huh? Sigh!

Again, the assignment was a blouse. This time, I have to find my own design, learn to measure, and draw plan, trace, and cut before sewing. After all the time spent and effort put in, this blouse was worse than the first one that I had made! That’s the end of sewing for me, ever!

When you cannot do it, you just pay someone else to do it, right? Sewing, I mean. But before you can get something nicely sewed, you must find a good tailor. If not, money would be wasted in spending for the cloth and the workmanship when the end product is not to your satisfaction resulting it to be given away instead of wearing it yourself.
Let me now share my first and last tailor experience.

Step 1; buy a piece of cloth of my choice. Hmmm, the maroon red is beautiful.  I think I need a new skirt…
Step 2; take the piece of cloth to the tailor.
(My friend’s sister is a tailor and she has sewed so many beautiful blouses and dresses for my friend. She must be good!)
See this design (from some design books), I want this with pockets at the side, have it to after knee length, yes?
Step 3; wait for tailor to call when the piece is ready.
Step 4; try on the finished piece and if no alterations, pay and take home the dreamed skirt.
Step 5; wear it first time for a special occasion.

Ah, that special occasion arrive. Let’s wear my new skirt today! Nice, everyone is looking at my nice skirt. Now, why is the bus so late today? Darn, the rain started. Better stand on the cement seat to get out of the rain! Eh, why am I bleeding? Oh my goodness, it is my skirt! Oh no, the colour is running fiercely down my legs. Hey, this is really embarrassing!

And I walked home in the rain with my head down all the way while my skirt bled to death! I did not care if anyone was looking. I did not care I was all drenched. I did not care if I would catch a cold. I did not care for anything. I just want to get home, take off the bloody skirt, clean myself and shut the world out!
So much about my lessons on sewing and about getting my clothes sewed. My friend’s sister did not advise me to soak the piece of cloth first before passing to her to do her  stuff!  Yes, I learnt it the hard way.  From that day onwards, all my clothes are off the shelf! And no more red colour of any sort for me too!
Don’t want to “bleed” like that, ever again!

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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