What’s that?

Remember my habit of peeping into the straw that comes with my cold drinks? Maybe it is because of this habit, I have more alert look out for foreign substance in food and drinks.
It’s lunch time! Let’s go to our favourite shop. I feel like eating pan noodles today. Come, come, let’s go! And when my pan noodle soup finally made it to the table, I quickly dug my chopsticks into the bowl. Hmmm, that fried onion looks different! Better check it out first. And guess what I scooped up with my spoon? A flattered dead cockroach, disguised itself as a piece of fried onion! Yuuucks!
Lady boss! Please take a look into my bowl! Of course she offered to change my bowl of noodle. But sorry to say I have lost all my appetite for lunch. That afternoon, I only had a cup of cereal. And from that day onwards, no fried onions in any of my food orders!
Now that was not too bad because it was sighted before I attacked the food. There was another experience when someone else discovered extras being served in our plate of fried noodles when we have eaten till almost the last scoop. Sorry I missed this one. I was too busy catching up conversations with some old friends.
What did our friend find? A dead fly! And our cameraman friend took a zoom snap of the dead fly (with its 6 legs distinguishingly visible) in the almost finished plate side by side with the menu which has the shop’s name printed on it, as proof if anyone of us checks into the hospital after that meal! Regretfully, everyone was a healthy lot so the shop was safe!
I had lunch alone one time and two ladies joined me at my table because the place was packed. The two ladies were busy talking about some office politics. Extremely engrossed in their conversation to notice anything else around them! When their soup on the house was served, I immediate noticed a big fat white caterpillar carcass floating in the soup. When I say fat, it was really fat! Maybe its body bloated after being in the soup for too long.
I looked at them. They were looking at each other. I looked at the caterpillar. It was still floating. And I looked at them again. They were still very busy talking and eating. Then one of them took up her spoon and dived straight into the soup, without looking!
“Er, excuse me.” I must stop her. The lady looked at me with a very impatient expression because I have rudely interrupted the heat of their conversation.
“There is a dead caterpillar in your soup.” Both the ladies looked into the soup, saw the caterpillar and I overheard one whispering to the other,” Aye, why did she tell us about the caterpillar.”
The lady put down her spoon, mumbled a word of thanks and continued their office episode without touching the soup again. I was totally invisible to them and my warning was definitely not appreciated. I really wonder what would happen if I just stayed shut up about the caterpillar. No, I would not be able to keep my big mouth shut in situations like this. There is no way I could let anyone slurp the soup that has a bloated floating caterpillar in it!
Could you?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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