Worm in Apple!

Someone once asked me,” What is more fearful when you bite into an apple; to find half a worm in the apple or to find half a worm in your mouth?” Yucks! Would want neither!
Sometimes life is a choice between a tiger’s mouth and a lion’s den. Which do you choose? Maybe it is better to stay put at where you are, right? It would be the safest thing to do. But what if staying where you are you would also rot yourself to death? Hah, then one must decide to take a step out or just rest in peace in that safe spot! I say, take a chance; take a chance either with the tiger or the lion.
You never knew, you may just safely walk away alive and well because you dare to step out of your comfort zone! Because even if you stay where you are, it is definitely getting you nowhere. I used to tell my students, when I was a lecturer, that to give an attempt to something is 50% chance of success but to totally not making any attempt is 100% failure! Some wise words huh? Yes, kind of borrowed it from somewhere. Hahaha!
The beauty about being alive is that you still have chances and choices. You have options to take risks or to play safe. Whatever your decision is now, it would affect your future. It is okay to make a wrong choice now because decision making is perpetual, you will keep on making decisions everyday, until the day you demise. So, why is it difficult to decide for yourself now, what you think is best for yourself and your future. If you have done wrong in the past, make a decision now and move yourself back into tangent to align to do things right. The future is made up of your past experiences, including today’s action.
There is always hope in tomorrow. There is no need to feel despair about not able to see the future from where you are now. The Chinese says when the boat reaches the dock; it would know how to move close to it. When the time comes for action, you will know what to do. There is no need to think how things would happen, what would the person say, how would the results be, what is the ending like.
Worrying about something beyond your control is not healthy to your mind, body and soul. You should be confident that things will be take its natural course. If you have done your best, there is no regret for whatever the outcome is, because you have already put your best foot forward! You cannot seek for miracle if you do not do enough to deserve a reward, okay?
Now, now, what makes me jump into this topic today? Don’t know why myself. Maybe it started with the memory of the question about the worm. Sometimes life is just so funny, out of the blue some thoughts or memory would flash before you and you would suddenly feel nostalgic about everything that is going on around you. Maybe it is how your body asks you to sit back, relax and reflect.
I have been working pretty hard the past weeks. I know there will be more to come until end of June 2010. Posting my sharing in this blog is one way to destress myself after a long day work. And I am glad I do it everyday. Just hope what I write is useful to you and hope that you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy sharing.
Err… that includes my philosophy thoughts too. It happens some times. Cheers!

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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