Fortune Teller(2) – The Talisman

He gave us a talisman to carry saying that it would ward off all evil spirits. He asked us to carry with us wherever we go. But as my cousins and I think back, since the day we carry the talisman, we have been grumpy, unhappy, easily irritated, and quick tempered and not having much of a good time in the company of good friends. We felt ourselves being alienated, discriminated, betrayed, ignored, uncared for, jerked at, treated like stepsisters and given third class treatment.

This morning, my cousin undertook the task to destroy the “holy” talisman.

Hmmm, after about half an hour, my cousin came back into the house. She took a seat and starting sharing her discovery in destroying the talisman. “First, I took a normal cigarette lighter to light a fire. Before the talisman got lighted, the lighter dropped onto the floor and broken into pieces. I went to take another lighter. This time the one that is handheld like a gun type. The lighter was working fine until I try to light it up to burn the talisman. The lighter just refused to spark any fire! Finally when it did light up, I got my fingers burnt! See! (She showed me her burnt fingers, red and swollen. Must be painful. Ouch!)
“The talisman string has a casing protecting the middle part of the string. I had to open the casing to ensure the whole string is burnt. Guess what? Both ends of the string that protrude from the casing are clean white, but the part that is covered by the casing is stained with some black liquid. Yuck, and it stinks too! It stinks even more when it is burned. I really wonder what on heaven that smelly stuff was!”
And I say, thank goodness, we made the decision to destroy what we believed was given to us in good faith. Now, this lesson reminds us not to simply accept talisman of any sort from anybody. We never knew what the talisman is made of, what does it do, how would it actually affect us, what would it make us do, whether there is any uncalled evil stuff used to charm us to support the person who gave it to us, will we become victim in following a particular cult? I do not know.
While I respect all religion, in particular the Buddhist teaching, I believe we must use our gut feelings and senses to judge our beliefs. If we feel something amiss or the teacher to the religion is not behaving in line with the teaching, we must retract from following the person blindly. No comment if charms are being used. Provided you believe in charms in the first place.
This is a very subjective topic. You either believe or you do not. Whatever it is, it would still be good to be cautious of any spiritual ornaments given to you by any fortune tellers, by some strangers or by some people whom you have doubts about their characters or personalities. I say it is better safe than sorry.
Personally, I hope destroying the above talisman is the right thing to do. If it is really the cause of our behavior and unease feelings in the past weeks or so, I would say good riddance! May we find back ourselves today! And our lesson learnt would be no more accepting talisman of any sort from anyone from now onwards!
The Chinese says: You need not step into a temple to pray if you keep God in your heart wherever you go.

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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