Fortune Teller(1) – The Monk

Have you visited a fortune teller before? I have, recently. The person, who recommended us to the monk, spoke highly of him and his powers. She said the monk has the ability to see the past, present and future and that he is a highly experienced monk in a young man body.
When it was my turn for consultation, I was asked to write down my name and birth date. Once the monk got my information, he asked me what is it that I wish to know. After raising my question to him, he then asked me what day of the week I was born, what is my occupation, what direction is my bed, how many staff I have etc. Hmmm. And I thought he can see the past, present and future.
Anyway, whatever he said were puzzling to me. The people he described and the condition of my job and profession make no sense to me. The only thing that got me curious was when he told me to be careful of the day, 13 April 2010. Yep, that is a future date I have to look out for. And the only thing that is consoling is that my life will get better when I get older. That sounds good, doesn’t it?
I say, why do people want to consult a fortune teller in the first place? Me? Just for curiosity because this monk has been highly spoken of. Some people believe that if you know the future or confirm the present, you would have better preparation of how to face or handle a situation. About the past, some fortune teller would tell you your past so that you are convinced that they have the power they claim to have, provided you remember them to confirm if they happened!
But then, there are also beliefs that evil spirits are being used in fortune telling. Hey, I do not doubt this monk’s ability. It may be true that he has such power without any evil spirits. Whatever it is, I do respect him for his commitment to help raise funds for an orphanage of more than 100 children. Yes, I have visited the orphanage which I must say is pretty decent and well kept.
Fortune telling or not, we still carry on our lives as we would. It does not mean if the fortune teller tells you that your doomsday is next week, you would stop living today or if he says you will strike gold in a month’s time that you would do nothing from today and just wait for the gold to appear, right? I say, like the evergreen song Que Sera Sera by Doris Day, whatever will be will be.
But being human, we only like to hear what we want to hear. We only like to hear the good, better and the best but never, never the bad, worse and the worst. Hence, if you do plan to go to a fortune teller, you must be prepared to hear heaven and hell. If not, just do not bother!
With or without fortune teller, we still need to make decisions for ourselves in our life. No one could decide what you want to do and how you want to feel. No fortune teller could or would, anyway. Even though he could give you suggestions, you are still the one who would make the final move to do as he suggests or otherwise. You are still in control of your life!
So, do you need to seek help, guidance and confirmation or to see the past, present and future or are you just curious in consulting a fortune teller, you must understand that there are consequences of being placed in a position of uncertainty to believe or not to believe and to do or not to do.
If given a chance to decide again, I would say I would not want to make that trip to the fortune teller monk. Why? Because, he now got me worrying about what will happen on 13 April 2010! Sigh!
You consulted a fortune teller before?
Fortune Teller(2) – The Talisman

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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