Spring Cleaning

Finally, I got down to spring cleaning the house. There was so much decision making; to keep or to throw, to keep now and throw later or just keep for good? Then it was to throw or give away. Yes, it was so easy to advise people to throw what is old and not necessary to make space for things of the present and the future. But when it comes to real decision making, it is not that easy. Just a pencil case which I had for my school days is so dear. It is so cute and loveable, how to have the heart to give it away least to just throw it away. Sigh.
Hah! You won’t believe what I found! My first strand of white hair! I have neatly wrapped it in a piece of paper. It’s unbelievable, right? So, should I throw it away? Of course not! It has such sentimental value. Then how long should I keep it? I say, I don’t know. It is something that I hold on to for unreasonable reason but to anyone else, it is just rubbish. In fact, everyday I find my hair on the floor but I don’t keep any of them. Why? Because, it is not the first! I bet you are as confused as I am!
What else did I find? Ah, I found my expired passports (wow! I looked so young! Must keep for remembrance), my one and only blood donation red book (I felt so proud of myself. Must keep to remind myself of my courage), some used air tickets (let’s keep them for proof) and also plenty of old pictures in albums, in envelopes and in boxes (definitely cannot throw! Will sort it out when I have the time!), and my first PDA (working? Not working? Maybe it needed new battery. What the heck! Just keep it first!). Yes, yes you guessed it; they all went back into the places I found them. Maybe next year, maybe next year I will not feel the need to keep them anymore. Maybe…
I spent more time doing what I shouldn’t than what I should and at the end; almost everything I thought I should get rid off are still where they were. My cousin never liked me doing any spring cleaning. She always finds some things left on her table from nowhere. Yup, some things I do not know what to do with them, I would just leave it for her to make decision. But she is no better than me. Every time I pack my unwanted clothes for charity, she would ransack the pile pulling back some pieces, questioning me, “Why you don’t want this? It was your favourite.” Or she would say, “Eh, you only wore this a few times. You are really wasteful!”.
I have to convince this cousin of mine that those clothes are really too old, too worn off, too old fashion, too ugly on me, too tight, too loose, not my colour, I really, really don’t want or don’t like! If you take it back, keep it in your own closet! At the end, it could be more tiring than my spring cleaning today!
On the other hand, my elder cousin always complains that I always throw or give away things. She still keeps clothes and shoes which are more than 20 years old and she claims that once in a while she would take them out to admire, clean up and wear on! Huh? That, I have never done. As far as clothes and shoes are concerned, if I do not use them anymore, they would be either thrown away or given away! Or I do have some long time no use ones somewhere? I shall check that next spring clean…
She must be really surprised that there are actually some things that I find difficult to depart with, my first white hair for example! Wahahah! And I think I have my first fallen tooth somewhere too. Now, where did I keep it?

You spring cleaned your house yet?


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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