Can’t Buy Me Love?

First, this friend of mine was so thrilled with the fact that CNY and Valentine’s Day fall on the same day. Then, she asked why they fall on the same day. Hey, make up your mind. Are you happy or not happy that they fall on the same day? And what is wrong in having the two occasions on the same day? I am all confused with the switch of mood.
“But I must be with my family and he has to be with his family on first day of CNY. So, how are we going to celebrate Valentine’s Day? I will be at my hometown and he would be at his. Sigh…”
I say, “Friend, everyday can be your Valentine’s Day. No need to wait until 14th February to celebrate your love for each other! This day is only meaningful to the florist, gifts shops and restaurants because this day is when they will have better sales volume and margin for their products! Thanks to people like you!
Now, am I right or am I not right? And if you really care for the significance of that one day, get married now, celebrate CNY together and at the same time celebrate Valentine’s Day too. Simple!”
And I find it amazing that men always wonder (so do I too) why they must remember their spouse’s birthday, their declaration of love anniversary, their marriage anniversary, some even emphasis the anniversary for the day they know each other! Because women find men romantic only if they remember or they are romantic only if they buy something for them as proof that they remember?

Being a practical person, I believe after marriage, men are romantic if they are trustful, understanding, faithful and responsible to their wife while being a wonderful father to their children because I do not believe men should waste money spending unnecessarily to buy overpriced and undervalued products and services, just to celebrate a day because everyone else is celebrating that day! What a foolish way to spend their hard earned money, right?  It is better if that money is placed into the wife’s bank account! 

“Surprise darling!”

And I say, if you spend the night cooking a meal for the family would be a gesture of thoughtfulness, love and appreciation. I say, to find yourself loving each other everyday is better than finding your other half telling you he loves you only on Valentine’s Day, right? Eh, I do have some Valentine’s Day experience, okay? So, I am talking from my experience and personal opinion.
I too remember myself crying, for nothing now that I think of it, just because he did not buy me any flowers on our first Valentine’s Day. And when he did buy a bouquet of roses, I was trying to keep those stupid roses as fresh and for as long as possible. After about 5 days, those stupid roses still withered and have to be thrown away. So? What is so meaningful in getting flowers as proof of his love if it will only last 5 days?!

So do the Valentine chocolates, cakes, cookies, mugs, T-shirts, fancy packaging, pendants, diamond rings, teddy bears, badges, dolls and Valentine cards? They are just material things that money can buy. Do you want just those things or show of care, concern and kindness to you by your loved one? Do you wish your Valentine to sing you Beatles’ song: “Can’t Buy Me Love!”?  

What do you want for your Valentine?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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