One Night in JB

Yes, the same foursome adventured, this time driving from KL to JB, and stopping for food on the way. Yes, yes, we are people who just live to eat!  When we reached JB, we went straight to some popular eateries for food before we checked in.
We stayed in the same hotel which we were supposed to attend a seminar the next morning. The moment we stepped into the hotel room, with two Queen sized beds, I commented the smell of cigarette in the room but no one else said anything. And that night, I slept like a pig after the tiring journey.

The next morning we were all ready to go down to the restaurant for our complimentary buffet breakfast before registering ourselves for the seminar. The lift took a while to get to our floor, going down. Once inside the lift, I pressed the G button. The lift door did not close. We waited. Then I pressed the close door button. We waited and the lift door still did not close. Then I said something stupid,” Just come in and get it over with.” Still, nothing happened. Then I stepped out of the lift to see if anyone was pressing the lift button from outside.

The moment I walked out, the lift door closed. Nobody could do anything; the lift went straight down to GF. And I was alone standing facing the lift with its door closed! Boy, it was really eerie. Thank goodness, someone came along to use the lift too. I swear that was the longest one minute of my life, alone facing the lift doors before another human being showed up! The man must be wondering why I was so delighted to see him. A stranger to the rescue, though he was no prince and I definitely was no princess!
Of course I got scolded over breakfast. “First of all, never comment about the room when we walk into it. Even if there was really any smell at all.” Remember I said there was cigarette smell? But why not? “It is because if we do, we are acknowledging the existence of the unseen.” Huh? “And that would encourage the unseen to disturb the occupants of the room, which really happened!”
One confessed that she heard men’s voice mumbling. Another confessed that she heard laughter and sound of mah-jong in the room. And how did they get back to sleep? One said she did what I would do, just chant to the Almighty. The other one said she just told the unseen that we are just passing through and needed to sleep there for a night and requested not to be disturbed. Like that also can ah?
While that two had their encounters, the third one and I just slept like a log. I commented on the smell and the unseen allowed me sleep well while she who smelled nothing, said nothing, heard nothing had a good night sleep! That’s why the Chinese believes everyone has different level of aura; the one with stronger aura will not be touched while the weaker ones would be disturbed. Guess mine was in the middle. Believe it?
“Second, shut up when the lift behaves funny!” They said that when the lift door was closing, they immediately pressed the open door button, but it refused to open and the lift just went straight down to GF!  Okay, okay, I must admit that I was a nincompoop.  Hey, I already got punished for saying what shouldn’t, so don’t rub salt into the wound, okay! And I give you my word that I shall not do it again!
That, was the last time we stayed in that hotel! Think you stayed in that place before?


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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