Lost at Highway 348km mark!

I was on the move the whole day yesterday and was too tired when I got back to even switch on my computer. Yes, I skipped one sharing yesterday, but look out for a bonus sharing, coming soon!
The decision to travel was last minute and it was for a night but somehow it ended up 2 nights 2 days. Of course when you are in another town, you would go crazy for their local food! So, I ate and ate and ate until the jeans I wore there loose, I wore back tight! When it comes to food, there is just no self discipline. But it’s okay, right, once in a while only. Hehe…
The last time I drove on the highway, I got fined for speeding. The speed limit is 110km/hr and I was caught driving at 120km/hr. If I am guilty, I would just accept the punishment. So without questions or much argument, I asked for the ticket. The officer told me the fine was RM300 but if I pay within one week, the fine would only be RM150. I said fine, took the ticket, drove off, enjoyed my trip for the next three days, got back to the city and paid my fine within the 7 days!
That was the first time I got a ticket for speeding, and that would be the last. It was just not worth it, to reach the destination a few minutes sooner for the price of RM150! Of course unless I was not caught in the act and of course unless I take another bet to make some offers to the officer. But what if the officer is a true man in uniform? I may even get a heavier penalty for offering corruption! NO, no, I am not taking that risk!
Maybe if I had driven 150km/hr throughout the journey to reach my destination 1 hour sooner, it would be worth the ticket? Hmmm… No, I still don’t think so. Why should I be in a hurry to reach the place where I am going to rest and relax for the next few days? I should enjoy even the journey to the destination, right?
Last evening while on the highway, one car sped out from nowhere, driving too close for comfort behind my car, very impatient and was flashing its headlines. There were only 2 lanes and I was already driving pretty close to the car in front of me, at the speed limit. We were overtaking some lorries at the slow lane and there was no way to cut in to make way for that flashing car behind.
My cousin was irritated and commented that the flashing car could try zigzag to overtake us, if he can! Surprisingly, I was pretty patient and I said that maybe that guy got to get somewhere urgent! And true enough, after a short distance, that car turned into the junction to the restrooms.
Hah! What if he gets a speeding ticket for his urgent needs?! Having to pay RM150 entrance fee into the restroom? Do you think it would be worthwhile then? Or do you think the traffic police would be more understanding and not slap him with a ticket? What if? What if?
If only there is no speed limit on the highway. If only the speed limit is higher than is it. If only everyone does not speed. If only everyone enjoy the sceneries on both sides of the highway. If only they see eagles flying above. If only they see monkeys on the trees. If only they stop to enjoy the nature than speeding away. If only the highway is not just a straight road.
My sister died on the spot in a car crash on the same highway I drove on yesterday. At the 348km mark, just after the restroom junction the flashing car turned into. And I wondered as I passed by the place, what was my sister’s last thoughts, what did she last see, why there was no last words.
I thought that I have overcome the pain that she is gone and have moved on in life. But as I drove by, passing this 348km mark, I was hoping for her spirit to jump into my car. I was hoping to be able to see her, touch her and talk to her again….
Have you lost someone too, at the highway?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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