So, you want to be Superman???

Who do you want to be when you grow up? And your answer is, “Superman”? Or is it, “My Dad”? I was told that I should be a lawyer because I was too talkative and inquisitive for any adults’ comfort. Later, someone said I should be a doctor because I was not afraid of the sight of blood. Hey, let me decide, okay?
But did I know who I would be when I was growing up? Of course not! But when we were asked to write our ambition for our essay assignment, I remember writing in one essay a teacher and in another essay a police woman. Yes, a bit flicker minded over who I wanted to be.
Honestly, I did not meet the requirement of vision 20/20 and I was one inch short to join the police force then. However, I did had my hands into teaching when I became a part time tutor for some pocket money and some years later, I even became a lecturer for a living. Come to think of it, I did make that ambition come true after all.

Then how did I become a Chartered Accountant by profession? If you believe in destiny, I say, guess it was all fated. You see, I got my first job in an Audit Firm, not that I understand the word “audit” then or have eyed to join that Firm. I went for interview because the office was only 5 minutes walk from my mum’s house. So, if I get the job, I could walk to work, walk home for lunch, walk back to work again, and walk home after work. Right, that would give me the equation: net savings equal to net pay check! Smart, eh?

Human beings do not live life without a purpose or goal. So, after a while and of course with my senior’s coaching, I attended evening classes and got my professional qualification painfully over many years of working full day and studying in the evenings and late nights. Yup, hard work finally paid off. And my favourite phrase is: No Pain, No Gain!
But how many of us actually become who we plan to be or who we are groomed to be? None of my gang, who were in the same accounting course with me, except me of course, pursues a career in finance. That really makes me a bore or a nerd, right? But I have no regrets. Everyone has their own passion or interest and cumulating knowledge while searching for that one love in one’s career is really common.
Their favourite tagline about that 2 year course is: Given all back to the teacher! As if never learnt a thing, but grateful that we have met and grateful for the friendship we had shared and the wonderful times of joy and laughter we once had. Those were the days!
We met because of an ambition. It may not be their personal ambition then; it may be their parents’ ambition then but isn’t it normal? Most of us, before we know what we really want for our life would live for our parents and sometimes for our friends. We would just be in the crowd, doing what everyone else is doing. We need time to search and we are lucky if we really know who we want to be now. Sometimes, some people will only find their passion of what they want to do when they are much, much older. But again, it is better late than never.
So, are you doing what you have written as your ambition?
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Have a Happy Day! ;D

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