Women, wonder?

The Mediacorp Channel 8 (S’pore) drama‘s Housewives’ Holiday had me thinking, not that I really follow the series but the thought of whether housewives enjoy any entitlements for their role. Yes, entitlements such as annual leave, study leave, medical leave and maternity leave? How about benefits such as EPF and Socso contribution too? And even annual increment and year end bonus? What about working hours and overtime?
Hey, I don’t think any husbands would give much thought of it, right? And to me even the wives do not seek justice for themselves! But why not? Just because of the marriage vow of for better and for worse? Or because wives are expected to be taken for granted? Or because of the passed down culture that men are breadwinners and wives are the home affairs ministers?
Let me share this joke someone sms to me: Women and clothes; early in the morning, women need to wash clothes, after washing women will need to hang clothes, in the afternoon women must collect the clothes, later in the evening women will need fold the clothes, after dinner women would iron clothes, some time midnight women may need to take off their clothes and before dawn they would need to grope and find their clothes. Hahaha!
Women, women, what a life! Not only they do not have entitlements as housewives, they must also slave and serve! No wonder most women today choose career over house work! But there is exception for everything. There are women who would choose to be a housewife so that they could spend more time with their children and tend to their loved ones. In fact, family would come first before anything else, including their own lives! Wow, such sacrifice! And they would be the ones who would have their children naming them the “Mother of the Year”!
Of course some papas get the title “Father of the Year” too! Every thought, every deed, every sacrifice solely for the family! But who carry the child for nine months? The mothers! So I say, women you are the greatest whether burdening with a career or shouldering the whole family, you are the toughest. You are the most versatile, the multitasked, the problem solver, the most tolerant, and the one with patience, the wiser one, the one who saves some ringgit for the raining days and most of all, the most respected! Sad to say, however, seldom is the most feared!
Hey, am I overrating women in general? Guess I am bias but I believe I am not wrong, yes? Even if some women cannot cook, do no housework, do not know how to run the home without a maid or mother in law, even if they do not give too time for the family, women being women are still the gentle gender men would still fall on their knees for their hand! (Except mine, sob!)
Anyone has any objections?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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