So, Tiger Woods is having a sex problem, so?

I am no fan of golf and no fan of the sports channels, but I do know who Tiger Woods is. And this young man has my respect since the day I learnt of his golf talent at his young age, groomed by his mother Kultida Woods. But the latest report that he is receiving treatment at a sex rehabilitation clinic in Mississippi sure surprised me!
But who am I to be so concerned about him and his sex life? I am not even concern about my own brother’s sex life, are you? But Tiger Woods’ sex life is different?
Maybe, maybe the price to pay for being rich and famous is to have his private life exposed to the public. But he is a sports star. He earned his money and his fame because of his sports talent, because he had won many, many titles and many, many tournaments. He did not become rich and famous because he has exposed his privacy in public! So, why is the price to pay for being rich and famous is now having his private life exposed to the public?
Because, when there is demand, there would be supply. When the public is interested to know, the public will be fed with what they are assumed interested to know. There will be people willing to pay for such information in order to make more money publishing the said information. The public may not be concerned but the public are made to be concerned by having the reports flashing in the newspapers, TV, internet, twitter, and blogs whatever means reachable to the readers. And the readers benefit from it all? Personally as a reader, I did not benefit out of this piece of news at all. So, Tiger Woods is having a sex problem, so?
Maybe when the media published glories, they need to publish the falls too. You know, just to be fair. But if we look at the bright side, at least they are still reporting about Tiger Woods. This means Tiger Woods still has media value and that should be good news to him, right? If not, nobody would spend their time pursuing the latest update of the poor man. Getting publicity for the wrong reasons!  Now I understand what it means by no news is good news!
As an ordinary person, I would never want to be in the news unless I am worthy of media value because of my respectable status and good reputation. So, the only chance for an ordinary person to make it to the headlines would be, I think, when a tragedy has befallen upon the person or if published in a column would be in the Obituary section. Sigh…
I say, it’s definitely no fun being famous living like a fugitive, hunted by paparazzi, and definitely no thrill to be famous for the wrong headlines or in the wrong sections!
Any comments?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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