NEW YEAR Resolutions

Guess it is still not too late to discuss about New Year resolution, right? But I never believed in making any. How many people actually make a long list of resolutions and subsequently after a week or two later forgotten all about it! Even one resolution is difficult to keep, yes?
And I find it so amusing to read an article in the Star papers when the columnist wrote resolutions which include political issues. Huh? Making resolutions beyond his control? How to make them happen? I doubt if he could even make his personal resolutions successful! But we cannot stop anyone for dreaming, right? As it is, it is said that dreams are free so dream as big as you can!
I say, for all personal resolutions, one need not specifically make them only for every New Year. If one makes a decision for anything with regards to one’s habit, it could be made anytime. Just decide, take action and make it happen! Why give yourself an excuse to wait for next year to start doing something positive for you? You can start NOW! You are in control of your action, not time and definitely not a set time and day or event!
Take me for an example: when I decided to stop growing sideways, it was not a written resolution; it was a wholesome set of actions and pure determination. Of course, I had great support mentally, spiritually and physically from my good buddies. Err, not sure if it would be possible if I was on my own…
So, you got any resolutions written and tucked somewhere?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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