Good Deal?

Guess what? I have cut already! Yes, I am now using W1MAX P1. It costs me only RM49 per month for a contract of 24 months.
Anyone saw the latest TELEKOM advertisement? They actually counter W1MAX P1 ad by ridiculing a user having to get the signal by moving the W1MAX modem! Hey, it is funny too because after cutting the fixed line, the user now tangles himself with the W1MAX power connection cable!
I wonder what W1MAX would come out with next!
See, even big corporations counter each other via their advertisements. Paying high prices to the advertising firm and the media just for the sake of having face and to show the public that they are better than their competitor! But it is always good to have competition isn’t it? I heard Streamyx is offering a better package now.
Don’t be too happy, whatever is the cream to us would still have a catch. Like my W1MAX now, my hands are tied for 24 months because the promoter told me that if I cancel the package before end of the 24th month, I have to pay at least RM200 for the modem (which is now FREE) and some administration fees. I shall pray from today onwards that W1MAX is really a better choice so that I do not need to fork out extras to terminate the contract!
Yes, that is the price I have to pay for being greedy for a good deal, hopefully it is one! And I believe I am not the only one, right?
Have you cut already too?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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