Kowtowing to you?

A mummy was asking her 3 year old son whether he wanted food from the uncle’s stall or food from yesterday’s stall. Hey, the lad actually put on his thinking cap for a while before he answered, “Yesterday’s stall.”
The other day, at the supermarket, a lady pushing a trolley with her beloved son sitting in it, asked her son what he wanted to eat for dinner. The kid was only about 4 years old.
What has the world come to these days!
Our time, we kids just eat what was given to us to eat! There was no such thing of whether we like to eat or not. It was either eat or starve!
Sounds like my cousin’s favourite magnet on the fridge: “My Menu Has Two Choices Take it or Leave it.” Eh, she is the main chef of the house, so she can afford to be cocky with her menu, okay!
But the kids! Why do we choose to spoil them at such young age? I thought for generations it has always been the parents who are strict with their children and the grandparents are the ones to spoil them. Now, parents themselves are spoiling their children, how about the grandparents then?
I got nothing much to say about this topic. I am just glad I am not a parent. If I am, I may probably be the most loved or the most hated parent in the world! Ha, ha, ha…. I love children too but I cannot imagine myself kowtowing to one!
How about you?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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