Family Tree

Have you ever thought how big your family size is? I never, until I saw the Hallmark movie: Where there’s A Will. A dead-broke conman seizes the opportunity to care for his dying grandmother and take on a new role as the uncontested heir to her estate.
Richard Greene who was an orphan at the age of 15, his mother died when he was 10, never knew about his grandmother until he reached his thirties. As a conman, he never thought he would learn about family ties from his dying grandmother.
There is one scene in the show when his grandmother tried to impress on him the fact that he was never alone in this world and that he has a family. He has a pair of parents who had 2 pairs of parents who had 4 pairs of parents who had 16 pairs of parents…. he has a history of family tree!
Wow! So do I, right? But my family tree will stop growing after me because I sow no seed and I play no role to expand the said tree. How sad….
But how many of us actually trace our own family tree. I believe it would be very interesting to do so. Just like the book made into a television series, Alex Haley’s Roots (1977). Even if you cannot trace back as far as centuries ago, it would still be very meaningful to create or inherit and pass on the record keeping of the tree’s expansion from one generation to next generation, yes?

But this could only be a fantasy for me….

How about you?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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