The clinic doctor explained that he worried if my mother is not admitted to the hospital soon; she would get a heart attack or a stroke. Her blood pressure was just too high!
The doctor at the hospital explained that they have to do some tests, get the results, feed her some medication and monitor the effects before concluding if my mother really needs to be admitted.
During the waiting period, at the emergency ward, my mother needed to rest but she complained she could not because of the two women beside her bed.
The lady on her right kept crying, “I want to die at home! I want to die at home!” This lady has three sons accompanying her.
The lady on her left, who was all by herself, kept calling out for the doctor’s and the nurses’ attention every other minute insisting that she does not want to go home; she wants to be admitted into the hospital.
And the doctor, who was running all over the place, has all the patience in the world. He has a smiling face, very approachable although he looked tired and worn off. He later explained to me, after 4 hours of observation that my mother can go home and that he could only give medication on temporary measure. She would need to go back for consultancy under the specialist after a few days.
After the hospital ordeal, I advised my mother that: Other than meeting an accident which is beyond our control, I say we need not step foot into the hospital for our health condition. Whether it is cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure; we could control our choice of food to start with, follow with exercises. And if we have taken good care of ourselves, we need not endure the pain to find treatment later.
To my pleasant surprise, after my few words of “wisdom”, my mother promised to cut down in her meat consumption and take care of her health. Hey, maybe a visit to the hospital is not too bad after all!
Let’s hope she keeps her words!
How about you? Are you taking good care of your health too?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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