At our Best!

Whenever I am at the traffic lights, I have this bad habit of moving to the shortest lane. I always believe that the important thing is to get out of the traffic first then get back to the right lane to continue my journey.
I feel that being first in the wrong lane to beat the traffic is always better than in a queue at the right lane waiting for the traffic lights to turn green again. Eventually I would be the first on the right lane again, right?
Hey, the right lane simply means the fast lane or the slow lane, not the straight lane or the turning lane! Anyway, if there is only one lane, I would stay in queue to flow with the traffic! I am good in obeying the traffic rules, you know?
However, this bad habit of mine got me thinking about how one would behave in life.
In life, I am sure there are people who may be top where they are, whether at work, business or in their studies. If they do not stray away or if no strong competition intervenes, they may still remain being the best.
If you are the best of the best, congratulations! But if you are the best of the worst, then there is still plenty of room for improvement and hard work to strive for the first position in a better competing field! Whatever the situation is, you would still deserve credit for taking pride to achieve better than what you have.
However, one should not be too complacent in that position as there is always someone better than us.
To me: Competitions are designed to enable us to be more efficient and effective. We may choose to compete for public glory or we could compete for our inner satisfaction and pride.
Whatever the choice, we should be able to accept defeat or being the second best. So long as we have tried our very best in our undertaking, I say we have accomplished our purpose in the competition.
Are you already at your own best? 

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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