I Salute You!

When I just got my first car, I almost knocked a pregnant woman while reversing my car. Almost, but didn’t, okay! Anyway, the husband accompanying his wife shouted at me, saying that I could have taken 2 lives in one dead body. Hey, my car didn’t even touch her! But probably, I did give her and the foetus a scare. So did him! Scaring me! But I do not blame him for being protective over his wife and baby.

Having said that, I just do not understand how some parents could take their toddler, who is learning to walk, on the streets with the kid at the outer lane while they walk the inner lane! How ridiculous! The toddler would not know how to avoid a vehicle that come too close for comfort, right? And if a car hits the kid, whose fault is it? Shouldn’t they consider the kid’s safety first? At least carry the poor kid or take the kid to walk in the park instead!
And the other day, I saw this man walking into his apartment unit with his 3 year old kid tagging behind him. He was walking about 8 feet ahead of the kid! The kid was taking his time, looking at the things around him, peeked into the drain (luckily, he did not fall into it!) and looking at me while trying to put his foot on the first step of the stairways. Good thing, I was not that attractive that he would loose his footing! Phew! He reached home safely. I think I was more worry about the kid falling than the father himself!
Parents being parents, while some are over protective over their child, some would just let the child develop independence at a tender age. Every parents have their own style in managing their kids. However, there are some who love to teach others how to look after kids while their own run wild and are uncontrollable.

I too have commented on somebody’s kid the last time I had lunch in one restaurant. The kid is about 3 years old. (I must stop having close encounters with 3 year olds!) He was given a bunch of keys to play by his parents because if they take it away from him, he would cry. But he was just making too much noise with the keys, dragging them over and over across the surface of the table. Hey, this kid really has strong fingers for it was a big bunch of keys! They just couldn’t give him one or two keys to play!

The waiter tried to signal the kid to stop the nuisance while the loving father, who was carrying the child, just smiled faintly at the waiter when his kid refused to stop the motion. Our table was just next to theirs and I have to loudly comment, “Some parents just do not know how to control their child!”

No reactions from the parents. They continued with lunch and subsequently left the place, with no smiling faces. In fact, the mother of the kid was not happy with my comment but did not retaliate because she knew they were at fault!

Thank goodness, I have no kids of my own because the Chinese superstition believes that if a parent passes remarks on the behaviour of another person’s child, that parent’s child behaviour would mirror the remark passed!
I know I was being very unkind, but wait till you are in the same restaurant; you could also do the same!
Whatever, I must really salute all parents reading this sharing for your patience, time, sacrifices, love and care for your children irrespective what style you use to raise them! You deserve to be proud parents as long as you have raised them with your best of everything! And I am very sure you do…

For me, children are only good for visits but never for 24/7!  Anyone agreeing with me?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Besides raising my both hands, can I also raise both my legs in order to express my agreement with you! LOL! Children can be devils. Frankly I am not "child-friendly". And in fact, to play with them for a short time would be fun, but 24/7! I just could not imagine about it. Scary! I would not have that kind of patience. But I really salute one of my friends who had a nephew. She really took care of him very well so much so just like her own son(though she is still single). Well, guess she has the quality of being a good mother. And I always believe that it is harder to "educate" a child than to just raise them by providing them all their daily needs. Yet, nowadays most of the parents are just too busy to look for $$$, so they had no time to really "educate" their children. On the other hand, children nowadays are totally different from us, they are just "difficult" to handle

  2. You are right about the modern days parents' choice of first having a child, then get themselves busy providing for the child hence spending less time personally educating the child…and I believe that is the reason why the child is more "difficult" to handle…they just want more attention! Wow! what did I say about us being wise??? LOL!

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