21 December 2012

The heat is on and everyone is talking about 2012, the movie, and about Nostradamus’ prophecy; the end of the world on 21 December 2012.
It is about today’s changing weather, the birth of new fatal diseases, and large scale disasters hitting around the world that makes the prediction more than just a crystal ball vision.
The prediction is about the day when huge sea waves hitting the land, massive eruption of volcanoes and strong earthquakes, all happening at the same time. It predicts a catastrophe that no man can escape!
No, I have not seen the movie because I do not believe in wasting money going to cinemas or buying the latest DVDs. No need to be updated with the latest shows in town.  Can always catch them on TV later.  That’s why I’d watched this documentary show, Nostradamus 2012, over the History Channel on TV instead.  More facts than fiction, I believe.
Anyway, if the prediction is true, everyone’s future looks really gloomy. In fact, there is no future for anyone when the doomsday strikes! What do we do?
All analysis, theories and researches on the subject matter are really impressive and very convincing. All hidden warnings left by the people in the past have been so called decoded by man at present so that mankind would be prepared for the day!

How to prepare for death when everyone else is dying with you?  How many Noah’s Ark can we build to save the whole living population on earth?  Or are we going to choose pairs of the best breed of each living species to get aboard only?

And 21 December 2012 is about three years from now!

I have no comment whether one should believe or not to believe the prediction. If I choose to believe, I do not think I would just sit around and wait for that day to come to join the “all-die-together” party.
I believe we should continue living for tomorrow. Whether there is end of days or not, the day we are born we are expected to die one day. And this prediction is definitely proven!  But nobody chooses to sit and wait for the day, right?  Life goes on until the termination day arrives.

But there are people who would do what Georgia Byrd did in the movie: Last Holiday. When Georgia was diagnosed with cancer and was given 3 weeks life left, she cashed out all her money and spent it, living out of her ordinary lifestyle and doing things she had never dreamt of doing before! But, at the end of the show, it was the scan machine technical fault that resulted error in her medical report. She has no cancer!
Now, what do you think? What do you choose to believe? What do you choose to do?  From now to 21 December 2012…

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  1. huhu i like it. I sounds great!

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