Romance for you?

These past weeks, I have a few people sharing their romance stories with me so much so that I feel that there is one piece of me missing now in my life. I have no current romance stories to share with them!
I had a few many, many years ago when I was still looking for it. But I have stopped searching for the Mr Right after a few disappointments. Then, it was either my expectations were too high or I was not up to those guys’ expectation. Or I was barking at the wrong tree because the guy I was interested in was a married man or he already had a girlfriend. The worst; was a gay! Sigh…

But I have been fine without romance for so long and I still am.

That is why I do not understand why this person I know sounded as if it is the end of the world claiming that she would no longer have another chance for romance at her age.  Her last love passed away last year and she has already reached her 60s.

I did not know how to console her. Ask her to find another beau?  She is now only seeking for companionship. Does she really need a romantic relationship? What if the new love passes away too? Can she take another loss?  Why, girlfriends are good companies too, right?
Come to think of it, romance is not the only thing missing in my life! It has a chain reaction of me not being a wife, a mother, a daughter in law and having an extended family!
Now, I would not know if it is good or bad but I can confidently say that many of my married friends are dying to be in my shoes! To be able to have the freedom to do what I want, go where I want anytime without having to report to anyone, having my own bank account…being single.

And I love my life just the way it is now, too!
Someone once told me that with my kind of personality, I would either drive my mother-in-law crazy or I would be tortured to death by one! Ha-ha-ha, just not made in heaven to be a good housewife that would please an in-law, ever!
I believe: We find our own happiness.
And happiness to me is having many friends.  And I find that I am blessed to have a few best buddies filling up some missing pieces of my life.  They are my extended family, with no strings attached!
While romance is like the cream in your coffee. It would spice up your life a bit and give you a kick in life that you may need but there is a little price to pay for that long-term romance. It is adjusting to the other person’s life, friends, taste, time and family. To taste the sweetness you may have to bite into some bitterness, to drown in laughter you may have to shed some tears…
Unless you are ready to get yourself into one or are already enjoying one, I would say it feels wonderful to be single without restrictions to adapt to another human being’s way of living.
Maybe I have grown to be one stubborn old maid…

Oh…what the heck! Let’s just enjoy what make us happy! Whether single or married, with or without romance! Let’s give 3 cheers to life and be HAPPY! Cheers!!!

Romance for you?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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