Once Bitten, Twice Shy?

The last time I was involved in a charity function, I ended buying things I do not need for the sake of charity. Ever since then, I would rather just donate cash than become one of the organisers or visit a charity fair.
But to prioritise which charitable organisation to give is also a headache. Should we give to the orphanage or the old folk’s homes or save the whales or give to the blind or to the abused women and children? Ah, there are so many to choose from…
If orphanage, whether to give to World Vision or to a local home?
No wait; let’s give only if the donations are tax-exempted, which is deductable from income for our annual tax submission. See, so clever! Killing two birds with one stone!
But the wise one says “Charity begins at home”. Not to some charitable bodies for some tax exempted receipts!
Now, should we re-look our donation strategy?
I say to give to those who deserves, whether family or not, whether tax exempted receipts are issued or not.
But, how do we recognise one who deserves? I say, go with our gut feelings.
Personally, when my purpose is to give for charity and I give with good intention, my conscience is cleared. I give to ease the person’s or society’s burden.
If the receiver misused the fund or abused my kind act, they would be responsible for their own doings. For, if we take too long to consider or be too careful or perform too detailed checks, we are just not sincere to extend our hands to the needy.
What if the need is genuine? Our delayed action could be more harmful than the little money we donate. To me, even if they intentionally cheat us we would only be a fool once. And the little money we give away is good money spent to learn about a person or a charitable body, if that happens. 

No offence because I have been fooled before. Some people just take advantage of our sympathetic characters…sad to say.

As the saying goes: Once bitten twice shy, twice bitten must try… Once fooled doesn’t mean I would stop my giving to the needy. I just become wiser, but I still go with my gut feelings.
How about you?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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