Yuck! Cockroach!

Tonight, we had dinner at our long time no go restaurant. And why did we stop going there? Because, the last time we recommended the place for a friend’s farewell dinner, we found 5 cockroach carcasses under our table.
Just lying there, keeping us company throughout our dinner because business was so good that night that the owner and the waiters did not find time to remove the dead bodies.
We were so embarrassed with the condition of the restaurant that we dare not share it with anyone anymore and we also stopped patronising the place, until tonight. Why, because we missed their food. They do serve good food, you know.
But that was not the most embarrassing moments when it comes to cockroaches.
When we bought a new cupboard, we have to give away the old to make way for the new. A friend who was interested to inherit the old cupboard asked her friend to help her transport it with his lorry.
“Hey, these come free with the cupboard?” He was staring at the floor. My cousins and I quickly rushed over to see what could be on the floor; a bundle of cash or some pieces of jewelleries wrongly tucked under the cupboard???
No. It was 6 dead cockroaches! My goodness, how did they all die at the same spot?!
It must be the work of my cousins’. We have different techniques when it comes to killing cockroaches. I just stepped on them and they die! But they, both of them need to use insecticide spray, leaving them free to wonder to their dying spot, struggle a while before turning crisp.
“I don’t want to dirty my shoes!” So, we dirty our floor with dead bodies hidden forever under some cupboards! If not for changing a new cupboard, we would never know what lies beneath.
But how often do we change a cupboard to see what is under it. Sometimes, we do not even sweep under our bed, under the table, under the chair or anything that has an under. We just sweep the surfaces of the floor that we step on. You do that?
No, I don’t do that!
Now, who am I to comment on how you sweep the floor? What I am trying to say is that we must not judge things on the surface. It could appear all clean and tidy, but if you lift up the table cloth to see under the table or look behind the shelves, you may still find dusts or even dead cockroaches there. But if you didn’t look, you will never find.
To me: It is the same with people, we cannot judge them too.  If we do not judge, we should not also diligently find fault or pick at a person.  If we do, we could never be happy with anyone.

Nobody is perfect. So, let’s accept people as they are and enjoy each other’s companyLife is too short to keep finding weaknesses of another! Look for their strength instead!

And I thank all my friends who only see my strength!
How about you?

3 responses to this post.

  1. Same here, if I see a cockcroach, I will just stepped on them (if it is outside). I also used shoes to just smash on them. hehe! This is the fastest way ma!Totally agreed with you! "Do not judge people"

  2. Hey, wise people think alike and kill cockcroahes alike too… ha-ha.

  3. So, I am wise people ah….!Wow! What a great compliment! Thanks wor!

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