The Wrong Channel?

My friend’s son just apologised to me in the Facebook for calling me short-short and plump-plump. Hey, I have no problems with it. Remember, my friends call me Fei-Fei that means fat! So, what is short-short, plump-plump now, yes?
And I like the statement he wrote that it was the wrong channel. He must have mistaken it to be someone else when he wrote it.
Just yesterday, a client called me asking me about a document which I have advised him earlier how to prepare, get it sign and return to me. I had the impression that he was still asking me about the old format when at the end, he said he’d just faxed over the signed copy. There, we were at the wrong channels.
How often, we would be holding conversations and argue on certain topics or issue to later find that we are talking of a different person or a different incident or a different time, everything different that is! Then, the whole effort to correct each other was a waste of time!
But do you find humour in the whole event? Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t depending on how heated we were at each other’s neck to right what we thought was wrong!
I apologised to my client when I realised that I thought he did not understand my instructions of the original document. See, simple! Admit your mistakes and everything will ease off.
Hey, I am not always so tactful. There were times when I do not know how to cool off the air. That is why the Chinese saying: “Do not push someone against the wall, always leave room for each other to exit” is so meaningful.
To me: It is our tone, words, gesture and facial expression that would make a difference.

A smiling face with a crack of laughter in your voice or even making it a joke would be the best medicine. Whether wrong channel or not, there is still a corner somewhere that you could take to escape the intense situation, if ever it arises. Agree?
I am still learning too…

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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