The Roses

A friend wrote a comment in her Facebook: “Stop and smell the roses with your loved ones…”
Such a simple sentence but how many of us actually do it. Most of us are too busy with our daily chores or to earn a living that we just did not slow down to stop and smell the roses, to relax and enjoy life a bit, to be kind to ourselves and spend more quality time with our loved ones.
Her comment also reminded me of a book; The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. Of his 9 key insights into life itself, there is one chapter that reminds us that if we spend time to be with nature, we would realise that the trees are much greener than what we see with our naked eyes.
Sometimes we just need someone to remind us of what we already know.
My cousin always asks me why I frown so much. It seems that every time she sees me, I am frowning. Hey, I got no choice; I am born with this face! The face, of course not but the frown is still within my control, right?
Many a times we are frustrated with things that are beyond our control that we forget that there are things that we can control.
When we cannot change others, we could at least change ourselves, to begin with…
Let’s just stop and smell the roses today, with our loved ones… YES?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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