Getting to know you… again?

I used to be very excited in meeting up with some old friends or getting news about someone whom I have not been in touched for a long, long time.
I remember attending one school reunion which I looked forward to before the date of the event but when the actual event took place, I was disappointed. I was disappointed in myself, because I have forgotten most of the names and some of the faces. It was no thrill and I felt so awkward.
Those people with whom I have had wonderful times with were strangers to me at the reunion. Even with their warm friendly faces looking at me, I was not able to return them with a sincere smile. My mind was blank. I just could not recall our adventure or times together that they tried so hard to describe to me. I was really sorry.  I did not mean to give cold shoulder to anyone…

After then, I understand why some people are reluctant to exchange contact numbers when we bumped into each other in a public place. One was so blunt as to say, “Why do you need it? Are we really going to keep in touch?” I was stunned then, but later I realised that she was right. We never did contact each other again.
While the above made me sad, another incident irritated me. I met an ex colleague at a night market one day. We stood aside and chatted for a while. All she was interested was where I work, how much is my pay, what position I hold, what car I drive, where I stay, whether the place is my own, if I am married… hey, and I was so patient as to answer to every one of her questions without posing the same to her. But it is never my nature to interrogate people. And she left after she had found out enough about my current well being, so to speak.
I find that people changed as time passed. To me: we can never bring back the same person we knew during our school days or someone we knew 20 years ago, now with the same chemistry we had then. We all grow apart with time and with our own life experiences.
That is why, even when I got excited the first time I experienced Facebook, I do not expect broken linkage or connection be mended instantly. We now have our own lifestyle, our new friends, and our own priority in life and if no one makes any attempt to be connected, Facebook is just a media to know where each other is and be in touched when there is a need to.
And, some people do not even wish to be connected with you even when you found them.
To me: While true friendship does not come by easily, old friendship does not rekindle instantly either. It needs to be built over time and we may need to get to know each other one more time… as if we never knew each other before.
Should we now get to know each other…. again?

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  1. I had the reunion experience many years back with my secondary school mates.That was the only one reunion which I had attended. And after that, never seem to be interested going for another one. The reason is being that the one and only one that I had attended was not purely a reunion of ex-classmates but it was more of like a party where everyone brings along their boy friend or girl friend to show people only. So, I guess it was meaningless. Well, what could you expect, typical questions will be asked such as how are you doing? Have you got married? How many kids? and blah…blah … ! And I totally agreed with you, everyone has changed, so you would not have the same kind of feelings like before. So, for me why waste time to go to this kind of meaningless gatherings. Rather spare my time for some other purpose.

  2. Ours had no spouses/ partners tagged along. So, not so bad, I guess. That was also my first, but not sure if it would me my last. Maybe when we are really older, we may feel that we want to meet the old friends again. Then, we would only talk about the good old days… if we could still remember…

  3. Haha! Maybe…..!

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